Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Works in Progress

Works in progress
How bout a little OZ love?
loving this soft yellow kona!! The pinwheels are basted and ready to go also. So I have three stacked, ready, and waiting for me to quilt this week :) My challenge doesn't lay in the basting. Or the putting them together. My biggest struggle, is that there is nowhere to do it! I drag in 2 big 6ft tables and put them in our family room - smack dab in the middle of that small room. Wellllll.... donchya know that everyone in the house (except my hubby) HAS to be underfoot -literally- when I do this?? Sheesh. You'd think they were toddlers!! LOL
See the small space between the table/wall/movie shelf??
I am trying to walk around that table!
And even GIGANTOR herself has to squeeze in there!
Patience. It's a virtue.... right??!!


WoolenSails said...

Those are beautiful quilts and the quilting will only enhance them. It does seem that people and furry babes tend to gather around when we are busy with something;)


Dog Trot Farm said...

Beautiful quilts, beautiful colors!