Monday, April 5, 2010

Silliness or Hip?

Sharing a bit of silliness with you..
Emily got some bright funky colored nail polish in her Easter basket yesterday.
Neon orange, purple, gold, pink...
You know that's all the rage right now, right?
Teenage girls with blue fingernails?
So, I decided I needed to be COOL. In my kid's eyes that is. LOL AS IF - right?
And somewhere along the line, I decided since it was Easter, i should paint my fingernails to look like Easter eggs! :D
(enter in disclaimer: I do not wear fingernail polish on my fingers! It lasts all of a day as I use my hands wayy too much! lol I stick with painting my toes, and go au natural on my fingers.)
So just so ya know - I was pretty darn proud of myself!
I mean how cool are these?!? :D
Bright neon polka dotted easter egg fingernails!
hee hee
(i was thinkin they would be coming off early this morning - but have fun for a day!)
So I excitedly went and asked my kids what they thought
"Are these HIP?"
(another side note: NEVER ask your kids if they think YOU are cool! That's just asking for dissapointment! lol)
Emily said "REALLY MOM????? They're uh... pretty bright!" *rolling eyes*
(strike one - voted not hip)
Calli -look! how cool are my fingernails?!?! :D
"Oohh MOM. WOW. Are you actually going to keep them???"
(hmm... strike 2)
Bailey - check out my groovy wayyyy coool Easter egg fingernails! Am I hip?
"Hoooah Mom! Oh yah... you're soooo hip" *massive sarcasm*
(steeeriiiikkee 3!)
So hmm. Apparently I am NOT hip.
And it's not hip to be cool.
LOL (just for you 80's girls)
I decided to push the envelope a little bit later in the day.
"So does this mean you don't think I'm cool??"
(see disclaimer above)
Em: "Hrrmph. grumble grumble"
Calli: "oh i think you're cool mom! Will you do MY fingernails like that?"
Bay: "Mom... sigh... YOU are cool. But you are NOT hip!"
Well... there ya go!
Sometimes it's fun to push your kids out of their comfort zone! LOL!!
Hope you have a great day - try some silliness!


katie said...

Cool no doubt, how did you get those dots so perfect.
Funness and silliness keeps life interesting and happy

moosecraft said...

Methinks you're awesomely kewl in a hip and silly way! If I were you, I'd paint my toes to match! :-) Really! If you want to throw a curve ball... maybe the toes should be pink with yellow polka dots! This is fun! Hafta git me sum polish now... ;-)

Joanne said...

Oh Bren you are too cool! LOL Maybe it's in the language - maybe you pushed the kids too far by using the word "groovy" - That may have been overkill! LOL Anyway Love their reactions! I'll send you an email about my sweater story - too long to post here!

Jacque. said...

It's hip to be cool. I hear ya, girl!

WoolenSails said...

Well you have nails that are nice enough to paint, mine are all different sizes, lol.


Kathy (woolfind) said...

Kids and their honesty LOL! Don't you love it? I think they are quite hip. Me? i'd have it all over the sides of my fingers.

Mike said...

Don't care what they say. You be way cool. Always have been. Always will be. And that's the truth!