Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yes, I'm alive.
Have not been on the puter much.
Too busy running to plays and concerts
and trying to accomplish all that needs to be done.
Currently feeling like I am supposed to be this...
But will never measure up. LOL
Doing a lot of this... Running around trying to finish making, buying, and wrapping these...
Because our normal Christmas Eve celebration with the Gramas has been moved up by a whole week. My mom is going out of town. Emily is going to visit her mom in California for the entire Christmas vacation. Sooo we are having an early Christmas on the 18th! 2 days away.
I found out last week.
Shoot me now
Trying to get secret santa gifts organized and packed and ready to ship. (already late because of above issue) And trying to wrap and pack out of state gifts. Hard to do when you can't find any boxes! A wee bit stressed :(
(have i mentioned i love polka dots? lol) Spending a LOT of my time chasing this little turd
Can you see she is laughing at me? Because she keeps stealing these and burying them in the snow outside!
Doing a LOT of this as well. Snow. Mud. Paw prints. Pine needles. Chewed up popscicle ornaments. And no presents under the tree because of ms. theif.
This has been running 24/7 because we have been in below zero weather for over a week. It's FINALLY warming up enough to only have 2 layers on, instead of 8.
It's going to be very weird with only 2 of my children here for Christmas this year.
I am trying oh so hard to feel the spirit... of the season, of the Holy Spirit, of joy... but I feel like someone pushed the fast forward button x300 and trying to catch little snatches of precious moments in all this unplanned craziness, is .. well... crazy.
I was on target to get everything done before I instantaniously lost a week!
Does that count??
Somehow I don't think so! :P
Back to chasing the pup, and getting things wrapped and packed!
You may not see me much until after the new year!


WoolenSails said...

What a busy two weeks you are going to have, you will need a vacation from it all;) He is so cute and I cannot put presents out either, mine likes to open them. He is so cute on christmas waiting to open his, but he is good, won't touch it, till I say go ahead and open it, lol.


moosecraft said...

My goodness Bren! Take a deep breath! Or two or three or four thousand!!! Sounds to me your in a blender... I hope you do get to slow down a bit and feel the spirit of the season!

kelley said...

She's alive!

Breathe and enjoy...breathe and pet the dog...just breathe my friend...

why not sew? said...

I hope you get a nice calm moment soon. I am so happy that someone else calls the the things she loves little turds. Yours is super cute! P.S. I love Wonder Woman.

primitivebettys said...

Merry Christmas to you a lil' early! :)