Thursday, October 8, 2009

I have been a bad blogger!
Things have just been so busy it seems. Ms. Lexi keeps me busy allll day!
I have managed to sneak down to my craft room here and there when the little spaz is sleeping though!
I finished a couple blocks for our online quilting bee.
And learned how to do wonky stars. Well... I quickly became addicted and saw the possibilities of this design! LOL
So started another quilt. LOL It's "That thing I do" afterall! :D
These were pinks and oranges. Then i started on blues and greens. I don't have all those blocks together yet. Minimal sewing time and all that... I think it will be a sweet, fresh colorful dose of sunshine when it's done! I did get the top done on this one.... well.. mostly done. LOL I still need to add a white border and a red outer border, and then gonna sammich it up and get started on the quilting. This too is a Christmas present. I still have 3 more others to get started and finished before Christmas! Yikes!! But I love the funky, bold, in your face statement that this makes! Fun fun!!
And thiiis little spaz... oh boy is she growing FAST!!
We just had our vet visit on tuesday. She is now 23 pounds, and no chub on her! Major growth spurt happened last week - i swear she went to bed a chubby little puppy and woke up a teenager! LOL! It was weird how fast she seemed to grow!
We'll be signing her up for puppy kindegarten here real soon. Ms. Spaz needs to learn some manners and socialization! I have been working with her every day, and she is finally getting the hang of things! Yay!! But we're still not acheiving a "no pull" on our walks. (yah.. more like "i'd rather choke myself to death cuz i gotta get over there, riiight noowww mama!!" ) Snot gonna be pretty when she weighs 70 pounds and is still pulling stunts like that!! LOLOL Soooo... off to obedience school we go! Just look at that ragamuffin face! And her and Daddy have devoloped a wonderfully special relationship! :) When not tied up with her under my legs, we had been going to track meets - and those are finally over! (Praise God! lol) And now we are into wrestling! Bay's first match is today! Ya know.. i just gotta say, I am sooo proud of who he is becoming!! And I love that he's going after all the things he wants to do!! It's awesome to watch them grow mentally, emotionally, as well as physically... and discover that their new "improved" bodies can do things they couldn't do before! LOL Bay is coming into his own. He LOVES sports. He's become an incredible team player, and loves team sports - but also loves individual sports where he feels HE shines! It's neat to see the confidence shooting skyward, and a sense of "i CAN do that!" always showing! Now, of course, is also when the teenage boy's ego gets seriously over inflated! LOL! And as a Mom... always a Mom LOL... it's hard to watch a kid that is all muscle, skin and bone try to LOSE weight that he doesn't have to try to make it into a different weight category! I'm thinkin.. where's it going to come from?? He has NOTHING extra on him! And then the Mom worry sets in. LOL I keep chanting that it's only for a month and a half.. and it's great to see him develope a sense of self discipline!! But yah... still a mom. LOL He's excited for today's match... and a wee bit nervous! As he should be!! :D Him and his best friend have been practicing everyday after practice. It's such a testosterone filled sport! LOL!!! Perfect for two boys coming of age and needing to prove how incredibly strong they are - warriors dontchyaknow! Cracks me up. Ok, i've rambled long enough. I will try to be better at blogging this next week! Hope you have a wonderful creative weekend! And may God bless you in abundance!! xo Bren


debra said...

When my son wrestled in high school I just couldn't watch. It made me too nervous! I could watch his friends, but not him.

I love, love, love your puppy! I know just as soon as she learns her manners, she will make your proud!

katie said...

Beautiful quilts and puppy.
We also have a new one but he only weighs 5 lbs so far and is 3 months old, but he is full of energy.
Your quilts are going to make wonderful Christmas gifts.

Cathy said...

Your golden puppy is just adorable......makes me miss those days. We have 2 goldens, one is 8 years old and the other 7 years old. They are wonderful dogs.
Have fun,