Tuesday, May 12, 2009


here is some awesome eye candy for you hookers :) From the Denver hookin.
And for those of you that are following this... lol... dancing... chacha last night...all was REALLY good... until i needed to WALK a stutter step. oh geez. Went from doing just fine, and turned into a TOTAL MR!!!! :( needed another little individual one on one with the teacher. sheesh. can you say problem child??? :( lolol i'm FINE unless they need me to walk like a righty!! LOLOL
This is post 196.. i think? tick tock :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the eye candy Bren. Beautiful rugs!!

Bren you are too funny. Sounds like you are having a blast with the dance lessons though. Now you both just need to go out on a date night an use what you have learned!;o)

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Awesome rugs! Thanks for sharing.

It sure sounds like you are enjoying the dance lessons. Mercy I can't even walk straight!

WoolenSails said...

Loved the rug show, lots of beautiful rugs.


TamboinMO said...

Thanks for the rug show! Loved the starburst rug, the dog rug and the rug with the house with the lavender in front. Of course all the rugs are great, but those were my faves!!

Gayle said...

Great eye candy Bren - thanks fo sharing!

Joanne said...

Thanks for sharing the rugs Bren - love to see what other hookers are hooking! It's great to see patterns I've seen before hooked differently too!

Too funny with the "walking like a righty" I know i would be completely hopeless!

Okay - so what was the surprise for Calli - I'm dying to know! Did I miss that somewhere? LOL

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Oh man, I'm drooling. Great rugs, thanks for sharing.
I agree with Paula, you need to go out on a date and dance the night away!

Sheri said...

Bren, thanks for taking the time to share these beautiful rugs with us. I'm currently working on the Chicken in the Garden (big lips chicken) Loved to see how someone did it. I love it! Love them all.
And thanks for playing the most beautiful song in the world!!! It gives me goose bumps Every Time.