Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Catching up...

So i've been a slacker posting about calli's party!! Part of the reason is i have a video that i desperately want to share - but cant seem to make it work on my little computer!! I just had Danny upload it to his computer... so maybe there will be a way!? Calli's party was a success! In more ways than one :) Several of her friends weren't able to make it... more the bummer!! But the ones that did come had a great time! We set them up with a plain flower pot and paintbrushes with lots of different colors of paint, and set them loose to paint however they wanted. ADD set in after about an hour, and they were running around hog wild... lol... and our secret surprise guest wasnt due for another half hour!!! ruh roh!! (I have to admit, a little panic set in right about then! LOL The natives were restless!!!) I cant seem to upload these pics in the right order... so they're a bit scattered... this is calli being a goofball... Our "secret surprise guest" was a magician. Almost a MASTER magician, at get this... AGE 14!!! He was incredible!! He studies under many of the masters across the world... practices 5-6 hours a day... and holy cow - IT SHOWS!! This kid was GOOD!!!! And he BLEW THE KIDS' MINDS!!!!!!! Muwahahahaha!!! :D It was awesome!! Now.. being the mean mom that i am.. this was double fold... because we have a 12 and 13 year old... (they know everything donchya know) and a 12 year old best friend that is a constant sidekick. Sooooo when Derek (the magician) started his act, the little kids were just enthralled!!! But you guessed it... the older kids were making snide comments under their breath... i know how he did that.... oh.. that was sooo obvious!... i coulda done thaaaatt...... LOL i let them know that wasnt cool.... and to discuss it AFTER the show how they think it was done! The little ones were WOWED... and i do mean WOWED!!! LOL Well... about ten minutes into his show, he called one of the bigger kids (best friend) up to help. You can imagine the eye rolling, and attitude of oh yah.. this should be good.... lol.... welllll.... Derek had put a little sponge ball in best friend's hand. Did a few jokes... yep... still there... still one ball.... called bailey up... put a ball in his hand.... whammy bammy... tapped both hands, and voila... bailey's ball was gone out of his hand, and connor had 3 in his hand!! THE LOOK ON THE BOYS' FACES OF ABSOLUTE DUMBFOUNDED CONFUSION was worth EVERY PENNY we paid this young man!!!! LOLOL They were blown away, and trying desperately to figure it out!! They KNEW what was in THEIR OWN hands!!! LOL It was priceless!!! And yes... it just got BETTER from there on out!! The little kids were throwing invisible coins into the air, and Derek was catching them in a metal can... clink, clink, clinkclinkclink.... kids couldn't throw them fast enough! Then Derek did his amazing slight of hand card routine... that would blow YOUR minds! All the kids were in total amazement!!!! INCLUDING the knowitall 12 year olds!! LOL They kept saying HOWWWWW DID HE DOOO THAT??!?!? He pulled them out of thin air! they just dissapeared!!! whaaaaaatttt????? It was VERY COOL !!! And.... muwahahahaha.... mom had the last laugh!! :D
Painting away... and noo... the tape was NOT my idea - LOL it was theirs!!
Took pics of each of the kids after derek's show... so they would each have a memory shot...
I think Calli's look says it all! LOL
I am going to TRY to get that video up, so you can see!! And a quick progress update on the majolica rug... haven't touched it since mother's day... but next chance i get to actually SIT and relax a bit, I hope to make some progress!
I left the multicolored one in... as promised... until the end... lol
And do you see that second leaf in from the left? HEY LAURIE.... Do you see the TEAL vein?? Mission accomplished!!! LOLOLOL As much as it stands out - it's stayin!!
I was given a 2" strip of BRIGHT TEAL from a friend, and challenged to put it in my rug... somehow, someway.... oy... its sooo much brighter/higher intensity than ANY of the other wools!! LOL but it's in there now! :)
And last but not least... my friend Kelley issued a quilted wool throw project out there a while back. This weekend, I actually made it down to my sewing room and got this top done. I like it... but it's definitely a folkart quilt! LOL I want to do one more.... with just browns, golds and blacks and muuuch more primitive!!! But might not get to that anytime soon!
I leave for texas at the end of the month... going to rug camp... so trying to get geared up for that. Finally decided on a design to hook... gonna be doing neutrals... and hooking the comstock rug. Should be fun!! And Jayne is a great teacher!!! Reallllyyyy looking forward to it!!! :D
K... thats all for today!
Hope ya'll are staying cool, and enjoying the gorgeous spring/beginning of summer!!!!
bright blessings,
Bren :)

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primitivebettys said...

Happy belated birthday wishes to Calli! What a cutie! :)

Lovely rug & you KNOW I LOVE your throw!!! Did you decide on a backing yet?