Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finding time to create...

I'm hoping you'll be able to enlarge this picture to actually see what these are! (Top and bottom pics - bottoms are the reverse of the one above it.)
Trying to find time to create in the busy rush of getting the workshop open and ready... and Emily's basketball season, and Bailey's soccer season... the hook-in, and camp coming up... well let's just say that creative time has been minimal to say the least! And it's during times of deadlines and lots of stress that I get the strongest urges to create! Thus.. That Thing I do ! (dan always rolls his eyes and says "oh.. is it time to make a quilt?" lol brat) And Jacque just cracks up and makes fun of me! :(
Sooo... i had been wanting to make these for some time. But it's a large spread out project...with hours and hours needed to give in to that "sit and play" mentality. So what better time than the night before the hook-in ???
Yes. I'm serious.
I had a few hours to spare - so why not? :D
It's that whole "I can make a quilt in a day!" thing.
Anyyywayyyy... quit laughing at me!! It's a disease I tell ya!
This is what I came up with. Soldered Hooker charm necklaces! I am one that believes we hookers need to "mark ourselves" as such and stand proud! LOL
I had wayyy too much fun making these, and wanna make more! They make me smile - a big cheesy dorky smile!
I sold them at the hook-in on 24" ball chains, for $24.
And yes... i DID get them done and even packaged in time! :D
Felt soooooooo good to sit and PLAY!!!!! :)
This is also a class I am offering at the Workshop - so if you like them, and you're local - come on by!!!
Blessings, Bren :)


Lauren said...

Brenis ~~~
I LOVE your necklaces. Too bad I am in Ohio....
Do you have a tutorial???

TamboinMO said...

why is it that that creative urge strikes when we are so busy and overwhelmed?
Me thinks it's our bodies telling us to stop and breathe!!!!

Nicola said...

My mum was so embarrased when I was little I told the teacher I wanted to be a "Hooker".
Apparently a programme had come on TV and I thought the ladies all wore pretty clothes and got to be out at night and talk to lots of people (I was 6).
Lucky I didn't get taken away!
Years later I read your post and think I bet my mom had had rag rugging as a convenient excuse ;)
Nicola xx

RosesRadishesandRubbish said...

Hi Bren! I am SO GLAD I found you and your blog. It has been so long since I have been in touch and I can't wait to read what has been going on in your life. LOVE your blog! Hugs, Amy

Miccosukee said...


What wonderful ideas you come up with!! How your brain can keep up with all the things you do boggles my mind. Since I am so far away from your, how would your loyal followers get the chance to buy on of these?


Jacque. said...

Well, as always, 'that thing you do' is awesome. Love, love, LOVE those necklaces!!!