Monday, January 19, 2009

Makin' purses

I have been on a purse making binge. LOL
and loving every minute of it!!
I haven't been able to just dissapear to my craft room for hours on end, for.. oh.. several months! It was a MUCH needed creative indulgence - i am just not a good person if i don't get some kind of creative time on a regular basis! LOL I start to get cranky! Add in a bad case of pms, and it's just not pretty!!
One thing i love about burying myself down in my room, is i am able to tune out "the world", and tune into God. I load up my mp3 player with my mostest favoritest pastor's podcasts, and listen to them one after the other while i sew or create. So it's a double whammy time of blessing!! LOL
These last few days i think i listened to 12 or 13 sermons.. was down there all by myself laughing, crying , singing and praising God!! Might sound kinda weird to many of you. (haha or all of you!) But those of you that know what it's like to be in the presence of the Lord, I'm sure you can relate!!
Anyway, here's some of the purses I got finished :) oops pounce snuck in here! She's convinced that this is HER hooked mat and that she's supposed to fit her whole body on it. LOL She's pretty close!
Praising God for a gorgeous sunny day here in Colorado, that I am going to get to spend with my goofy kids!!
I hope you have a wonderful day, and it's not sooo cold where you are!
blessings, Bren


katie said...

Oh my goodness Brenis, I love all those purses.
I need to get busy with some of my recycled wool that just seems to sit around.
I love the flowers and the birds. They are right down my alley.
Great purses

WoolenSails said...

Love the purses. I quilting friend sent me some felted sweaters to make purses with, guess I should try some.


Anonymous said...

ooooohh, just love, love the second one!! Bren you just amaze me with all your creativity!!!

Dana and Daisy said...

I made my first upcycled wool purse last night. I also thought of using belts as handles, just not sure how to sew them on. My little singer is not strong enough I think. Lining! I hadn't thought of that! d'uh!

I'll post a pic of mine later and reference you if you don't mind. Any tips you have for a beginner are greatly appreciated.

p.s. I'm a friend of Hogscald Holler and found you thru her.