Friday, January 23, 2009

I am very blessed to belong to a wonderful group of ladies on the web! It's not selling oriented.. more just a kindred spirit group of very talented women who share with each other, and support each other through life!
They make me smile every single day. And the amount and quality of sisterly love that flows through the group is what makes it amazing!
Lookie what showed up in my mailbox yesterday!!!
What an absolutely sweeeeett, loving gift from my friend Merrie!! And it's partially filled with lavender - mmm... smells good! :) Isn't it darling? Thank you soo much Merrie!
OOh and I wanted to show you these too! These absolutely darling little itty bitty socks were knitted by a fellow rug hooker in our group!! Holy cow... there are over 300 stitches in these lil guys, and they are soooo teensy!! To give you an idea how big they are, each of the little strips on the tree there are about an inch long! I can't knit period! No way, no how! Believe me i've tried!! LOLOL!! And i can't even imagine knitting something this tiny!! Laura gave these to me at our wool tree workshop - tooo cute!!! Thank you so much Laura!! :D
I woke up this morning and happened to glance over at the window. This is what i saw. Do you know what it is??
It's an "uh oh... i been a baaad kitty" sign! LOL
Then when i went to put it back up on the blanket chest... i see that a corner has been pulled out. Now.. my new camera and software and I are NOT getting along! :( hrmph!
The camera keeps keeping some of the pictures!! And no matter how hard I try, i can't get them to upload to my computer! ?? I can't figure out why??
anyway.. this is the only other picture that got retrieved from the camera.. of course it's the blurry attempt at showing you the unhooked portion of the corner...
haha.. and if i hadn't told you what it was - you wouldn't have a clue!! :D
I'm guessing it's time to clip Pounce's nails. And I'm guessing she was up on her favorite perch, looking out the window and she went to jump down and got snagged - taking some wool with her! LOL
She's a GOOD kitty. She loves the wool rugs so much, that's her favorite place to lay! I don't think she would do anything to jeopardize her permission to lay on all things wool! LOL
Well snot much else this morning. This was just supposed to be a quickie post.
I woke up with a pounding headache this morning, that has now crossed the boundary to migraine. :( So i think i'll probably go get a cold compress and lay down and see if i can shake it before it gets worse!
Hope you have a wonderful day!
xo Bren


WoolenSails said...

LOL, all my rugs look like that;)
I wake up every morning to messes like that. With the two cats, they party all night and fly through the house.

Beautiful gifts, isn't it fun to get surprises in the mail and ones so wonderfully done.


katie said...

I thought for a moment I was reading my own blog. I'm having camera trouble also.
Great gifts you received.
I don't have any cats, but I love them, hubby not so much.


Miz T. said...

Your friends must think that you are pretty special to send you such wonderful handcrafted gifts! And they are right! I need to track down a pattern for teeny stockings. Any chance you can get it for me? They are sweet!

As for your kitty, you should know it is never their fault (in their opinion). My cat always blames the dog! Hopefully you are feeling better and ready to have a good night sleep tonight. Stay warm!

Joanne said...

Those stockings are adorable for that tree - man they must be teeny weeny how adorable - Can't knit to save my life1 Love the heart too - hope you feel better!

Brenis said...

Thanks you guys! Praise God the headache was gone this morning!!! Whew it was a humdinger!!

Debbie - yah.. well we all know what a partyer Dora is!! bahaha!!

Laurie, she does have the pattern and offered it to everyone, but i passed since i can't knit to save my life! (LOL you could put a million dollars in front of me and say all you have to do is knit a little baby blanket 6"x6" - i'd lose the money!! LOLOL) I would be happy to ask her for the pattern the next time i see her, and i'll mail it off to ya!! She has one for lil bitty mittens too!!

Katie - i just left you a message on your blog. What is UP with these cameras??? It's making me feel pretty darn STUPID!! LOL

Jacque said...

Hey the heart, but gotta tell ya, those little stockings are way too adorable!! Glad you're feeling better. All I have to say about the cats, is...well, there is a reason I don't have any. hahahahahaha!

kelley said...

Pounce just wanted to air out the bottom of the rug! (To Jacque...cats RULE...)
The ornie and mittens are delightful gifts...and yes, that group of ladies is the best-est ever ~ that's why you're one of them...

Tammy said...

Migraines stink I hope your feeling better Bren!