Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Your Word for the Year?

I ran across a very cool "challenge" this morning, on Ali Edward's blog. It was thought provoking and intriguing! The challenge is to choose one powerful word for yourself for the year to come. Something that will help you keep on the track that you wish to be on. Who do you want to be, or become? What are your goals this year? What do you wish you could have done better in 2008? Where do you want your focus to be? What one word will translate all of those things? Go read her post on this, and leave a comment to be included in the drawing for ... well... you'll see! :D (hint: it's awesome!)
This is my word for 2009... Educational Block C Wooden Tag H O i-sf C e
We all have choices to make every day, in every situation, every action and reaction, every hour of the day.
Your choices reflect who you are. You can choose to go the positive route, or the negative. You can choose to stand strong on something or bend.
Am I making the right choices in my relationships? In my word choices? How i handle situations or challenges. How i deal with my teenagers and 6 year old? (choosing not to strangle them each day counts, right??!)
Am I choosing the easy way, or the right way??

Are my choices keeping my priorities where they belong?

I need to make a choice each morning to be in God's word - or else i am off and running and doing 10 other things! I need to choose to react to that snotty comment muttered by daughter, or choose to bite my tongue and walk away. Choice of quality time with my family, rather than letting all the other "should do's" get in the way and missing out on those wonderful moments in time!

So my word this year is to remind me constantly to stop... & evaluate... and make the right choice. I think it comes naturally to make instantanious decisions... and sadly i don't always pause long enough to actually think about them.. and sometimes later wish i had!

What's YOUR word going to be for this year?

Go see Ali Edwards ' challenge. I would love to hear what your word is too!
Bright blessings for the year to come! Happy New Year!!


moosecraft said...

Hi there Bren!!! My DH said this one day and it stuck with me... "Every situation is 50% action and 50% reaction"... He said I need to "cool my jets" and realize that something bad might not have gotten that bad had I chose a different reaction... Yup! He's a keeper for sure! Keeps me in check! LOL! Anyways... my word for the year is going to be non-procrastination! Prolly not a real word... BUT... that's what I need to be from this day forward! Smiles and warm hugs to you for a Superb New Year!!!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Happy New Year, Bren ~ are you feeling better? I enjoyed reading the comments to Ali's challenge ~ a lot of comments! Thanks for passing this along ~ it made me think ~ and I am going to choose the word "change" ~ it encompasses a lot! I'll let you know how it goes ~

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Hey Bren,
Read this the other day, and it has stuck with me. I find myself going through my day thinking about this post and what I would want my word to be. (ok, hold on a minute. I can't concentrate with the manamana in the background. I keep singing it lol). I keep going back and forth with words. I've really enjoyed the way this post has made me feel the past few days. I have chosen the word "giving" for my word this year. I have been thinking of this even before Christmas how I want to be giving more of myself not only to others, but to become closer in my walk with Christ in the upcoming year, and now it's here. This will be my year to give.... This is something I would really like to continue for next year too. I enjoyed Ali's site. Thanks so much for posting this!