Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Well, I be sick :(
Goin to the doctor today for drugs. Can't put it off any longer.
I got a new camera for Christmas. Still trying to figure out how to resize my photos, and retrieve them! Not as easy as the software on my last camera.
Maybe i can use the old software??
Anyway, no pics until I get this durn thing figured out! LOL
We were given a wii console for Christmas!!!
Needless to say the whole family is now in the throes of big competitions. And we are all
incredibly SORE!! hahaha! How pathetic, huh?
None of us are used to swinging cows over our heads and catapulting them. Nor are we used to "running with our arms" as fast as we can, or wacking bunnies or shaking one arm till you think it's gonna fall off!! It is hilarious. And I'm learning how to be a guitar hero!! Mind you... i said LEARNING. Ha! At the moment i am still getting booed off the stage! (yes i'm that bad!)LOLOL But because I'm totally dedicated to my kids, and not embarrassing them, I WILL get better! Can't let them down now, can i ?
I am so uninformed about new technology. I had heard of the wii, but had no idea what made it any different from other games. Well WOW was i surprised!! LOL I am totally into it now! :) It's a TOTALLY physically active game!! None of that sitting on your butt playing a game! Noooo sirreee!! You are standing up and moving in all these weird contortions - using your body make the game move! Baseball... just like playing baseball... golf... hanggliding... they even have a fitness program with your own personal trainer (from what i've heard! lol we don't have that .. yet) arobics, yoga... holy cow!
And according to my son, we have now become like everyone else and "jumped on the wii bandwagon" ! hahaha! Granted... HE is the most obsessed out of all of us! So i'm thinkin he's not TOO dissapointed! :D
I have been hooking a bit on my little birdie rug, from an earlier post. It's coming along nicely, and about 2/3rds done. I will post a picture when i get it finished - IF i can figger out my new camera software! LOL
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families!! And may God bless you in abundance in the coming year!!
xoxo bren :)


WoolenSails said...

That's what you get for playing those games, lol.
I haven't seen the latest games, we had them all when the kids were younger and they are addicting.

I hope you feel better and a it is always a good excuse to sit and relax while you work on your favorite project;)


primitivebettys said...

I too hope you feel better soon Bren! No fun being sick!

The Wii sounds like a BLAST! Trinity had it on his Santa list... but Santa couldn't get everything on his list. :(

Miz T. said...

It sounds like you could be getting run down from catapaulting those cows??? I sure hope that you feel better soon and are able to begin the New Year feeling great! Blessings to you and your family for the New Year.