Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Picture Day!!!

Well HI !!
Thanks for stopping by!! :) After running like a banshee for the last week, we can finally say that we are open! Unfortunately, we are no where near being "done" !! LOL!! It's definitely a work in progress, and muchhhh to be added!! Many bare spots and "holes", and the wool is yet to be OVERFLOWING! But soon!! Soon!!! I thought you might like a little peek into the little room that we are now calling our own! Our vision for this space far surpasses what we have meagerly accomplished thus far... but it will get there in time... right??!! Sorry the pics are soo dark - they were taken at about 11oclock at night, after a longggg hard day... and we were turning off lights as we went! LOL
Here are some quick pics of some of the rest of the house.... i couldn't get snapshots of it all.. and it was so dark, i didn't even try! LOL
These punkins are for outside on the front porch... $10 each.... thinkin i want to snag all the whites and grays!!
This is the front desk!! I wish i had a better picture of it!! There are 50 drawers in all... all filled with something different... ABC blocks, old spools with threads, picture viewer cards, knitting needles, cookie cutters, you name it!! And they are longer in length in a stair step manner from top to bottom. VERY KEWL in person!! I heart this case!!!! Check out this darling section!!!! It just makes me smile when i walk in! All that red and white... heart be still!! LOL!!
There are also darling vintage repro aprons and linens, another kitchen, vintage clothes from the 40's and 50's including diva lingerie!!, lots of depression glass and other furniture, and a shabby chic area with frufru quilts and white wire items.. it's all just darling! And everything will get changed out every two weeks! Fun fun!!!
K... now i need to get back to work - lots of wool to dye and a rug to whip!!
What do you think of the overall look? Think it'll pass for now?
Blessings, Bren :)


Cabin Creek Farm said...

The shop looks great Bren...you guys really worked hard and filled it to the brim with gorgeous rugs and wools....love that vintage kitchen. Wish I lived closer to come for a visit and shopping :)

WoolenSails said...

I think you did a great job on doing the room. It has everything displayed nicely and things in areas that you can view as you walk about and space to move around, all the important ingredients. The only thing that I think it needs, is some nice prim curtains on the window, to make it look more homey.


Kathy (woolfind) said...

Bren, It looks fantastic. You sure got a lot done in a short amount of time. Wish I didn't live so far. Again, wishing you great success!

Plumruncreek said...

OH BREN!!! Love your store~wish I lived closer! Really nice!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi Bren ~ it looks good!!! Me, too ~ I wish I were closer ~ I surely would come for a visit!!
Good luck!

danasmith said...

Your store is wonderful! I also wish I lived closer! You must be just thrilled to have your very own shop!
Dana in VV

Sherry said...

Bren, It's hard to believe that you say it's not finished yet.
Could it look any better than it ALREADY does!!!!! I'm SURE I could spend at least a couple of hours in your shop & then throw in looking through the Whole place I'm SURE I'd need to pack a lunch,since I'd surely be there for the day!!!
Best Wishes For GREAT Success!!!

Brenis said...

THANKS you guys!!! ;D
I wish ya'll lived closer too!!!
Debbie - i agree on the curtains! We were actually talking about it that night... as the light that comes in, in the middle of the day is pretty harsh.. but we want to keep the natural light in there, just tone it down a bit! I'm going to be shopping for some sheer kind of curtains tomorrow and see what i can find :)
I'm so tired from the last week, and finally feeling like i'm catching back up and recouping. And i'm dyin to know how opening day went!!!

Sheri said...

Oh Brenis, It looks GREAT!! The wool is lovely and I love what you did with the runner. Wrapping it around the corner. Very interesting!!
I've never seen so many finished rugs in one place. (Except at a show) I'm sure you guys will do great. Hopefully you will spark the interest of many new hookers too.

BeFRuiTFuL said...

The shop is awesome. You gals have done a great job in setting this up. Everything looks terrific!!!! Best if wishes for this new adventure!!!


Marita said...

Congratulations Brenis!
I'm proud of you for taking the leap and opening your own store...you have my very best wishes for success (and fun!)
Will you be teaching classes and workshops in the space too?
What town is it in...you're in Colorado aren't you?
Warms hugs,

Deirdre said...

Hi Bren!

WOW! Your shop is wonderful, I can't believe you filled it in such a short amount of time, you are a super woman!!

Trudy said...


What a beautiful job you have done on the shop, it looks great. I am sure that you will be successful at it, you do such marvelous work. Wishing you much joy!

disa said...