Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday 7-15

Well today is kind of another day of "rest". Yesterday wasn't so much restful. LOL
I had 10 errands to run, and our monthly sam's club grocery shopping. Then came home and made a cake and got dinner going after putting everything away and portioning out the meats and such.
My mom came over for dinner, and birthday presents and cake :) It was nice!!
Right as my mom was getting ready to leave, my sister called and it was soooo nice to get to talk to her! We ended up talking until wayyy too late.. i think we finally hung up around 1 am? LOL Mebbe it was 12:30? Sheesh i don't remember, but regardless it was awesome to just hang out and talk to my sis!! I miss her so much, and wish we were both a lot less busy! So it's a nice treat when we are actually able to connect. :)

This morning has been a bunch of running around trying to get the right size screws for the vanity knobs, and trying to locate my curtain rod that i had set on the couch right outside the bathroom. Well... there are 4 sets of hands that could have absconded with it - and obviously did! An hour and a half later... (it drives me nuts wasting that much time looking for something!! grr!!) i found out that "the one that shall not be named" was using it as a "gun". Niiiicce.
And in that process it got bent, torqued, twisted, and pretty much all around mangled. Even niiicer. So "the one that shall not be named" WILL be buying a new one!
Why is that one of the hardest lessons for kids to learn? Messing with things that don't belong to them, or treating other's things with respect? It seems to be one of the single hardest things for them to grasp! And one of the top things that drives this mom nuts!

Onto better things! lol
I was asked if i was able to get the toilet tank off and get that painted. YES!!! :D
I gotta tell ya - it was much easier than yanking the whole toilet... at least i imagine that would have been hard! Simply turning off the water to the toilet, and flushing it... then going in thru the tank there are two big bolt screws in there. Holding under the tank with a wrench and screwdriver on top, i was able to get those loose and undone. Lifted the tank off ... and DUH... the water line is still attached!! hahaha! No kidding!? :P So i just laid the tank on the ground next to the toilet and real quick painted the wall and the trim back there. (lolol there were 3 other colors left bare there as well!! So looks like i wasn't the only one who got stuck there!)
Put it back together and then ran into a kink. Trying to hold the screwdriver and using the wrench blindly underneath was a real struggle!! Definitely something that is much easier accomplished with two people!! But it CAN be done!

Well my "break" is over. Thought i'd pop in and say hi, so ya'll don't give up on me!
I'll leave you with a picture of Calli last night, brushing Bailey's hair. This was a riot.. she would lean forward and run her finger from the tip of his nose, up his forhead and into his hair! We couldn't figure out what in the world she was doing?? And after about the 8th time we realized she was trying to find his center part!!! LOLOL!! Makes sense! Your nose in in the middle of your face... so just follow it up!! hee hee! Cracked me up!

Hope you have a wonderful day, filled with unexpected blessings!
~Bren :)

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