Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh boy

Well thought i'd give ya'll a little laugh today.
I didn't work on the bathroom yesterday, with church and my honey coming home. And working Saturday to Saturday nonstop, i indulged in a MUCH needed break!
Well...what is that saying? A rolling stone gathers no moss? or.. a body in motion stays in motion.. and a body in rest, stays in rest????
LOL! That's because rigamortis sets in the minute you allow it to rest!!!
Holy cow.
I can barely move!
EVERY muscle in my body is soo tight and screaming at me - "WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING?!?!?!!!"
Oh yah. It's like a huge nonstop chorus! And i'm payin for it now! LOL
And unfortunately i can't work on it today either. It's my mom's birthday, and Emily's mom is flying in for a 3 day visit today also! So i have Sam's club shopping to do, and a dr. visit, and a bunch of errands to run. uh... or rather walk... um... crawl to!
Wishing i could just take an Advil as i know that would help immensly! Sadness!!
So... as you are laughing at me, maybe say a prayer for me too, that my body will recouperate quickly if not immediately in the name of Jesus! LOL!
Looks like we might get this project finished by Wednesday, since we are taking sunday and monday off! Can't wait to show you!!
Bren :)


Miccosukee said...

Oh sweetie, I feel your pain. Imagine now what some of us deal with on a daily basis. Try a long hot bath or since you probably couldn't crawl out of the tub, just stand under a nice warm shower.

I use arnica gel which seems to help some, but not as much as my lidocaine patches or my other drugs.

From Judy Taylor, I bought some of her lavender filled pouches, which I have to just heat in the microwave. One I put on my head or on different parts of my body and let the warmth and the fragence help ease the pain. Great for my migraines.

The other is designed to go around my neck to ease the tension in my shoulders.

Take care. You just did what most of us are guilty of and now that you are on the downside need to be more careful about! LOL


Trudy said...


You must try and remmember that you aren't a teenager anymore! Didn't you just have your special birthday??? You are now (just barely) in the same decade as I am, so take it easy girl:)

I can't wait to see some pics!