Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So now i know.
One of the reasons my 11 year old son LOVES to go to work with his dad!
I knew he got to do "demo work", and build fences, and learned how to repair things, and all that male bonding, using tools... what's not to love about that?
LOL but i did NOT know about this....That not only is he "allowed" to jump off roofs...
but thoroughly ENCOURAGED to!!
(insert shocked face here!!)
I was told..
"you know... it's that whole male ego thing. We all think we're superman!"
oh boy!


Jacque said...

Well, ya know what they say...boys will be boys! ha!

Tammy said...

Thank GOD he is supervised (LOL)

Anonymous said...

And girls will be girls. Hey, Bren, I hate to tell you this but when I was a teen, my father painted the exterior of our home. He had two ladders at either end of the back of the house with brackets on them.....and the brackets supported a long, thick plank between the ladders. As he was painting the eves of the house, up alongside our second story bedroom window, my older sister and I climbed the ladder, walked to the middle of the board and JUMPED.

Now remember, this was at second story level.

We made a game of it to see who could climb up the ladder the fastest and then jump back down.

Never once did either one of us get hurt. Would I do it today?? Heavens, NO. Now I know just how easy it is to break a leg.

But as an *immortal* teen, it was a blast!!