Sunday, July 6, 2008


Well we got the drywall up, and mudded, the window cut and framed, and the beadboard bought and cut (we just laid it in there to see how it will look :) )
Next is sanding the mud and doing any finals to that and waiting for the finisher to come and do his gig. In the meantime i sanded the vanity and will be painting that, and starting on the floor IF the texture guy won't be coming for a day or two! I can always cover it with paint paper.. although i'd rather not do it until all the painting and texture is done. But the waiting is going to kill me! I'd rather be in there working on the rest of this while i'm waiting on that step! LOL
I'm at that place now where i am very excited to get it done - and can see it in my mind's eye.. and know exactly what i need to do.. but because the other steps have to come first i am on "hold" !
LOL "Hold" is not a good place for me! Especially if the hold is any extended period of time. I WILL lose interest!! I am a do it now while i am motivated kinda person!! So i may jump the gun and paint the vanity or work on the floor even thought i truly "shouldn't" ! Guess we'll see what tomorrow brings!
Blessings, Bren :)


Jacque said...

I hear that patience is a virtue...have you ever heard about that? I'm thinking not...haha!'ll get everything done, whether or not it's in the order you want it to be done. Have fun!

JoJo said...

Wow, Bren. I can't believe how much you and Dan have gotten done in such a short time. This already looks great and I'm excited 'with' you to see each new step being accomplished. And Dan's such a great guy to take on drywall.

I agree with Jacque...patience may be a virtue but I'm in that group that says "God, give me patience, but hurry!"

Brenis said...

Thanks Jojo and Jacque!
Yah... i'm very patient in some areas of my life! LOL and not so much in others!! :)
I am very project oriented, type A pushing forward!! LOL
Thanks for being excited with me!! :)