Thursday, June 26, 2008

Surprise! I'm alive! :)

Wow can you believe i'm actually posting on my blog?!? LOL
Life has been INSANE the last month and a half!
Absolute chaos.
And if i allow myself to think about it all at the same time i become completely overwhelmed.
So I wake up and praise God for another wonderful day. And chant to myself
"one day at a time!!"
But it's all good!! Honest!
So instead of trying to catch you up on my life as i know it, that could take a full month... so I figured i would just pick up from here! :)
I have made some headway on my pineapple runner. I got to hook last Saturday and now i am "re-excited" to keep going on this! I'm desperately looking for a certain wool that is of course.. "the perfect wool" to complete the inside. And I can't find it anywhere! Hoping to find someone that has about 1/2 a yard that I could buy or swap!
It's called "Christmas Plaid - irish version" from Rebecca. Anyone possibly have any of that??
Check out how awesome this border is turning out!!

I've been busy with the kids.... even the monkeys in the trees....
Bailey and Emily are off at camp this week. Yay for them!!! I know they are having an awesome time!!! Gavin just got back from CIY (Christ in Youth - a highschoolers retreat). He came home Sat night, and Bay and Em left Sunday morning.
And then, Monday morning VBS started. Vacation Bible School, which is usually geared toward ages 4-9, and a ton of fun for the kids - learning God's word, praise and worship, crafts, skits, puppets, snacks, activities... it's awesome!
Well... this is the first year i have done it with this church. We have been going to our church for almost 3 years now. 2 of those years i was out of commission after my accident. So i jumped in full force and decided it was definitely time to get back into things like this!
Holy cow. What i failed to realize... LOL.... is all the other VBS's i've taught at have been relatively small churches. Maybe 300 kids tops!
Welllll..... this is a large church. hahaha....
we have 1,100 kids to take care of and entertain for the whole week!!!

No. I'm not kidding!
Holy cow i am soooooooooo tired!! LOLOLOL!!!
It is awesome. Definitely!
My voice is just about gone. I have taken a nap everyday after getting home - and not by choice mind you! LOL! My body just says that's it! Not another step! haha!
Boy... i'm feeling pretty old at the moment!
And hubby just keeps rubbing it in that I AM old... and my birthday is on Saturday. I have made it to the "top of the hill"! LOL
The big 4. 0.
Yah... well.... i'm gonna prove him wrong! :P
And 5 hours of VBS each morning is like doing 5 continuous hours of jazzercise each day!
LOL i'm getting my workout for sure!
And that being said i need to get my butt in gear and get out of here to make it there on time this morning!
I hope you are all having a wonderful week!
ooh.. and remind me to tell you about Calli losing her tooth yesterday!!!
xo Bren


Jacque said...

Oh, glad to see you finally take the time to post something! Today is your birthday...HAPPY DAY to you!!!

Trudy said...


You are one busy girl! Take some time off for you today...after all, you are 40 now:)

Happy Birthday!