Saturday, April 26, 2008

Evil Prom 2008

Well today is Gav's prom. Yesterday was THE longest day. LOL They LOST his tux. You know, the one he planned for, saved for, and went in 4 weeks ago to get fitted and ordered? And PAID for? Snot here. Snot coming. And he's leaving at noon today to meet his friends. Needless to say it was a wee bit stressful trying to get something pulled together at the last minute. Oh.. and the corsage and boutineer... we're HOPING they will have one... ugh.. he went to order it 4 weeks ago.. they said "we're not taking orders until two weeks before the prom" he went a DAY after that day to order and they said "oh sorry, we're over booked for corsages. But we'll have extras on hand the day of the prom" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ???????????????????? Are you kidding?? This is how the ENTIRE prom planning has gone. It has become known as the evil prom. lol Another example... 6 weeks ago gave his buddy $200 for the limo (his hard earned money) the very next day the dude had his identity stolen and his bank account was drained. Say bubbye to the limo. Scrambling to find a "cool ride" for the next few weeks... oy vay.. and the answer they came up with then dominoed into more issues. Yah. Shoot me now. LOL And gav is ready to be hanged and gutted! Poor guy!! BUT goodness prevails!!!!!!!!!! We DID get him a tux yesterday, thank the Lord! AND it looks wayyy sharp. So at least he won't be neked! hahaha!I need to go and help him do his hair now. (Ok... never thought I would EVER in my lifetime say that about one of my sons! hahaha!)

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Jacque said...

ohBrenis...what a time you had getting your boy ready for prom. But, that he's set, you must be very proud. I remember when my boys went to exciting!