Monday, April 21, 2008

Busy being a mom!


So not much time this week to blog with anything fun, too busy being a mom!

My 5yr old Calli, developed croup last monday :( she's really suseptable to it since getting it as a baby. And i think out of all the sickies my kids have had, croup does me in as a mom! I just want to cry every time she coughs and hurts - it even sounds painful! So just got back from the doctor's today. Seems like one office visit takes the whole day anymore! Sheesh.

My oldest son Gavin is getting geared up for prom this Saturday. Oh buy! oops.. i meant BOY!
Granted, boys aren't normally as prissy and self absorbed as girls are at this time... LOL... but they ARE still very absorbed in every little detail to make it a great night for them and their date! And Gav has had his share of run arounds this year with the people he is going with. Apparently one of the guys' dates is VERY high maintenance!! LOL Kinda a bummer for everyone involved!

He has grown his hair out... umm... no comment.... (this is a matter of pick your battles wisely, to win the war!!) .... and he actually asked me if i had a hair straightening iron yesterday!! bhahahahaha!!!!! THAT cracked me up!

Also gearing up for graduation, and taking care of all the details on that. All the last minute stuff. Wow - i just can't believe he's graduating high school already!!!! :(

Getting the kids signed up for swim lessons, and karate this summer. Looking for a softball league that's not thru the parks and rec... not having much luck!

Emily is in girls basketball and is doing really good! Learning to be a good teammate, as well as a good athlete - some tough lessons, but invaluable ones!
She has games every other day during the week.

Bailey plays after school and before school intermurals everyday, since he's not allowed to do sports until next year (via the school).

They have youth group every Wednesday, so i'm always hustling to have a fast dinner ready to hit the table at 4:45 or 5pm so we can get out of here on time.

Trying to get the house back in order after spazzing for a couple of weeks getting geared up for the hook-in. I'm mostly there! LOL!

I still need to wash windows inside and out,

do yard work (needs it terribly) and some major spring cleaning to get rid of "stuff" !

( no.. not really our yard!)

I'm struggling not to get the crud that is going around, and now consequently in our house, and i can feel it trying to come on. :(
Battling to stay healthy and not get hit with it!!

So yah. All your basic mom stuff, just in high gear! :)

This is who i think i feel like i signed up to be most days...
(too bad i don't look as good as her!! LOL!)

But in actuality... i feel more like this..

and definitely THIS!!

Hope you have a great week!

I have been hankerin for this..

this for WEEKS now! I think it's time I do something about this craving!! mmmmmmmmmm!!



Maria said...


Great blog!!!You are one busy gal..... You go girl! You are my hero. Maria

Anonymous said...

Bren, sending get well hugs to Calli and big congratulations to Gavin on his graduation. Just remember to take care of yourself first.....although I know that's so hard for Moms to do. But they all need you healthy for the rest of the household to function. Hang in there.

TamboinMO said...

Aw Bren,
This is one of your greatest blog postings!!!
Makes me feel like I"m right there with ya!