Sunday, April 13, 2008

The day after...

Well... it's the day after the hook-in. :)
My house looks like a tornado went through it. Rugs missing off walls, things brought in from last night, just sitting there waiting for me to put them away today. My mess from the week of working on stuff.... apparently the good fairies didn't get my request for help last week... cuz they haven't shown up yet! Ahh well.
It's all good!
Once my body says it's ready to move again, I shall attack it all with a vengance.
The hook-in was a great time! The gals that put it on this year did a fabulous job!! They provided a wonderful lunch, a great rug show, everything was very organized, darling little baskets of wool flowers on each table, a silent auction, and a bunch of great vendors!

I want to post pics from the rug show - it was WONDERFUL!!!! But i'm not sure if it's ok to do that without each person's permission? I just got done emailing a few friends that were there to see if i can post their pics... and any of you colorado gals that participated in the show and are reading this - can i show yours too???

My daughter Emily came with us yesterday. She wanted to participate in this so badly!! Bless her heart!! I knew it would be a great experience for her.. but wasn't sure if she would be able to handle money and tickets... so taught her how, and told her to practice a bit and i would "test" her. This WONDERFUL girl just went to town, writing tickets and practicing making change, until her eyes were crossing!! LOL!! She really surprised me!!
So I tested her... and even made it confusing on purpose towards the end (cuz.. hello... real life under pressure can be confusing!) and she passed with flying colors!

Soooooooo she got to come with us and help! Oh MY GOSH!! Did she ever just blow me away!!!
I cannot tell you how proud of her i am!! Talk about a hard worker!! And dedicated to the cause!! She did wonderful under pressure, handled herself very well, dealt with the customers wonderfully and was just plain AMAZING!!! I WAS IMPRESSED!!! :)
And I think everyone who met her, was too! Wayyyy to goooo Em!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!

I probably don't have to say that she will be invited to join us any time she wants to!!!!!!! She was such an incredible help!!

Ok.. in the interim of waiting to see if i can post pics of the rug show... i can show you this AMAZING piece!!
This was a true ROOM SIZE rug! I couldn't get it all in the picture. Do you see the table behind it, with 6- 8 people to a table? This was so amazing to me!! Done in three lonnggg strips... to be joined together and hooking overlapping to finish it and put it together.... i don't know if you can see, how those blocks will join together? Every other square was hit or miss blocks, and every other was a flower - beautifully shaded and just amazing! The woman that hooked this, worked on it for 30 years!!!!!!!!!!!!! In a NUMBER 3 CUT!!!!!!!! Holy shamoly!!!!!!! I was speechless! They were auctioning this rug, with the wool already cut and bagged to complete it. Starting bid was something rediculously low .. like $350?? I don't know if anyone took the challenge on?
I personally think this piece needs to be in a museum, being HONORED !! It's in incredible shape.. absolutely perfect... and wow.. 30 years of someone's life poured into it!
Let me just say... there is not one repeat to any of the flowers!

Keep your eyes open for more pics.. if i am given permission!!


Gayle said...

Bren - I'm crossing my fingers and holding my breath, hoping you'll be able to post pictures SOON! Sounds like you had a wonderful time - sure hope I can come next year. How many people were there?

TamboinMO said...

I always just assumed that is was a given that if you put your rug in a "show" and they are letting folks take pictures that you have pretty much given them permission right there to share those pics.
Of course I'm just kind of laid back about those things....I think MOST rug hookers LOVE to least I know that I do!!!
Wow! Em is so cute in that picture!!!

Jacque said...

Hey Brenni...that Em is some kind of wonderful, hey??? So glad you had her with you...for you AND for her. I'll bet she was feeling very good about herself! I can't wait to see photos!