Monday, April 14, 2008

10th Annual Denver Hook-in

The 10th Annual Denver Hook-in..... A great time was had by all!
Below are pictures of the rug show - all rugs that people brought to share! Wow!!! Talk about a room full of inspiration and talent!!
My camera battery decided it just wasn't up to more pics, when I was about half way through the room :( So I real quick snapped several pics in groups, instead of individually!! I don't have the names on many of them - just can't make them out on the bigger pictures. So please.. if you know who hooked these with no names, email me and let me know and i will get their names on them asap!!
I hope you enjoy the picture show!! None of the pics do the actual rugs justice though!! :(

Hookin'... shoppin'... eatin'... gabbin'.... and yes.. even chocolate!!!

Can it get any better???!!

These are pictures of the floor in the Rustic Rugs booth. Judy Cripps had all her rugs laid out in front of her booth - GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

Aren't they all adorable?!! Just like Judy herself!

This year they honored a Colorado Hooker for her amazing artistry, caring giving and sharing attitude, and just all around sweetness!! The above picture is about when my camera decided to say it was on it's last life - of course! All of the above rugs in the display were designed and hooked by Cheryl Bollenbach. (I have a copule shots of the Eve rug from another event - and NO picture can do this rug justice!!! I will share them in another post - perhaps tomorrow? You will be AMAZED at what she did on this rug!! Just wait till you see!!) I'm just thrilled that Cheryl received this honor! She soo deserves it!!!! :D

The chickens in the top of the pic were hooked by Kristie Meuller, and i 'think' the little horse was hooked by Julie Crotty, and Judy Zelenski hooked the darling hedgehogs.

Punkins hooked by Julie Crotty

These two - above and below are Julie Crotty's also. :)

How fun is this?! This was hooked and designed by Cathy Yarbrough. Look at the toes ! :)

This creative piece was hooked and designed by Dawn Cody :)

I can't read the names on these?? :(

This halloween rug was designed and hooked by Cathy Yarbrough Sooo fun!

This is a large piece, hooked by Karen Lisle

Roosters hooked by Sandy (can't read last name?) Moose hooked by Jane Washburn, and i cannot read the tag on the sheep and hearts :(

snowman hooked by Karen Lisle

Grrr can't fully read the tag on this one either :( All i can see is that it is her own design.

Flower basket hooked by Kristie Meuller

Sheepie hooked by Kathy Wadlington

Gameboard above and crows below hooked by Kathy Wadlington

Animal menagerie hooked by Kathy Wadlington

I 'think' this tulip cross was hooked by Linda Carpenter - please correct me if i'm wrong!

Redwork sampler hooked and designed by Nola Heidbredder (sp? one d or two?)

winter pictorial hooked by Linda Carpenter

Bottom rug hooked by Cathy Kelly, I don't know about the top one?

Bunny on chick hooked by Melody Gardener

This gorgeous piece - Bradley Primitive, was hooked by Ginny Waldera. This is a big rug! And I love the colors in this one!!

I don't have names for any of these, except the two chairs that were designed and hooked by
Sue Rust. If you know the names on the others please let me know!!

Ooh i do know that that sunflower mat in the corner was hooked by Cathy Yarbrough in Nola's class. This was the last picture I got before the camera went kaput! So wasn't able to get any close ups of any of these :(

Moon and sun hooked by Sandy Walker

punkins - blue punkins! hooked by Sandy Walker

floral runner hooked by Sandy Walker

stars hooked by Sue Rust

bunnies and eggs hooked by Sue Rust

Thank you ladies for letting me share your rugs!! And thank you for being such a wonderful group of people!! I am so lucky to be in the midst of all your talent!!!!!
bren :)


Jacque said...

Hey Bren...thanks for posting those photos...what great talent! I love looking at them. Cannot wait for my hook-in next week...I'll be sure to post lots of photos on my blog.

kelley said...

Oh my goodness Bren...thanks for sharing the wonderful many rugs that make my hands ache to hook one!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Beautiful rugs!

Katrina said...

Wow!!! What a great group of rugs!

primitivebettys said...

Oh Bren! That was fun to see... sure wish I could have been there in person. Thank you for posting! BTW, I have been to Judy Cripps' home.... WOW! She has so many wonderful hooked rugs ~ it is eye-popping!


Gayle said...

Bren - For SURE I'll be going to the hook in next year! What wonderful eye candy! Hope you got to do a LITTLE hooking yourself that day!

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

Thanks for posting all these fabulous photos! You've made it possible for those of us who live far away to participate. . . Wish I could have been there!