Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Me Tees shoutout

my husband rocks frommetees

I just want to give a quick shout out to this awesome newish company!!
I found these guys during the bloggy give away carnival... and fell in love!
A God founded and driven company, this gal and her husband wanted to find a way to promote good solid marriages, doing it biblically and giving the glory to God.
How awesome is that?!
They have a bunch of different designs to suit different tastes... here are just 2..

They also have them for men, that say my wife rocks. Or my bride rocks...
Just think of the HUMONGOUS SMILE (not to mention what's happening on the inside!!) your husband will get when you wear this in public! Do you think he will feel special? Respected? Loved? Absolutely on top of the world that his gorgeous bride is declaring her love for him so openly?
You better believe it!! LOL

I got the daisy design ( and will soon be getting the plain simple chocolate one - i'm just not a tie dye kinda girl! lol) and I wore it the other day...
ohhh my gosh!
Dan was smiling ear to ear all day! He said something to the effect of..
"I'm starting to feel like the village idiot, because I can't wipe the smile off my face everytime I see you in that shirt!"


I am not affiliated with this company in any way - just a fan that thinks they deserve more publicity and traffic!
I hope you will go check them out!

Hope you have a very blessed day! :D


Trudy said...

Hey Bren,
I went to this website and ordered the brown 'my husband rocks' t-shirt, which came superfast! I love it. Very well made. Although when I put it on, my hubby said 'my husband rocks what??"
I's you, you rock. Should have seen the smile on his face, it was worth the purchase just for that smile.
Thanks for the link.
in snowy Ontario

Evi said...

Love the link...and your blog...From another Canada reader.