Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sheep Galore

For some reason i decided to look for sheep pictures today. I love good photography, and wish i were talented in that arena!
Here are some of the cool photos i ran across this morning - too cute not to share!!
There are a couple i would love to ask permission to use for a banner or auction template!
maaaayy baaaaeee :)

You lookin at me??!!

I love the form of this guy, and looovvvee the poppies!! :)

baa baa black sheep? Look at that field!

Hey whatchya doin?? huh? huh? can we play?

maaa - m ?

Are ewe as curious as i am??
(lol doesn't it look like he's smiling??!!)

And last but not least....
you guys are not going to believe this!!

drumroll please.....







And NO these have NOT been photoshopped! These are ACTUAL SHEEP that the farmer dyed this color!! bahahahaha!!
The orange ones were spotted on halloween!
The blue and red were the farmer's favorite ball team colors - showing support. LOL
and the yellow - no commentary on the why - they had seen the sheep and were confused! LOL!!
I think that's just a RIOT!!!
Especially to a hooker that dyes a lot of wool - wow think about how many steps this would save! hee heee!!
Hope ya'll have a wonderful day :)


Jacque said...

LOVE those photos!!!! Hey, I have some photos of sheep from Ireland...some real nice ones, too! Want me to find them for you? said...

are you serious?
you are pulling my leg right?
very funny. those are all fun pictures.
good to see you post again!

kelley said...

Bren...the dyed sheep are hilarious...would sure save us hookers time if we got their wool...all the other photos are great too!

Maria said...

Love the sheep photos Bren....Sheep are just the best....Maria