Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dress up

Oh the joys of little kids! :)

What started out as a joke the other night... Calli's brother and sister dressing her up and giving her... um... a nice full chest... and CRACKING themselves up.. (ok.. well who WOULDN'T laugh at this little sprite running around top heavy??!!) turned into a full blown fashion show/ dress up activity!

Calli decided she LIKED dressing up, and rifling through her sister's closet - and without the aid of her brother or sister - proceeded to dress herself up in several different personalities! It was just a hoot! Now realize everything she is wearing belongs to her 12 year old sister! Including the different shoes. LOL Granted you can't see them that well... these were big honkin cowgirl boots. :)

A little 80's fashion flair...including BRIGHT RED LIP GLOSS... oh my!

And she went digging in her own closet.. lol.. and thought this outfit looked pretty darn good - and wanted to wear it to school yesterday!!

ahem... cough... cough... lol...

I am all over kids making their own choices at this age! Putting together their own outfits... yellow boots and purple pants and pink tops - it works for me for some reason! I think it shows the inner beauty of kids and their love of all things colorful!


this outfit...

about blinded me

and might have even worked, had it not been for the black half of the tights!!


How can you NOT SMILE when you watch kids getting creative???!!




Well i appologize for not blogging much the last few weeks.

I have been struggling with a honkin migraine that lasted 18 days. :(

Something's just not right with that. :(

I kept thinking it was the way the top two vertebrae of my spine keep going out...

my chiropractor said as much and has been adjusting it, trying to get them to stay where they belong. And it may be part of a virus. who knows? I just know i am DONE and want the headaches to stop now please!!

I got the name of a good neurologist from a friend.

But i haven't called and scheduled an appointment yet.

kinda scary

kinda nerve racking

so im kinda putting it off

until i feel like it's neccessary.

the head aches have shown a bit of improvement this week

i actually had 3 days of no pain. then yesterday it showed back up again.

praying i stay headache free today! So far so good!

I cleaned my house thoroughly yesterday - thinking maybe if i got moving and heat beating fast and sweaty maybe i could exercise the headache gone! Didn't work :(

But my house is mostly clean now! lol

FINALLY got the last of the Christmas decorations boxed up and put away!

Furniture moved back to where it belongs, and vacuumed like a mad woman!

So.. if nothing else it FEELS better - not sooo disorganized!

I've just been worn out from fighting this stupid headache - hopefully you will see more of me and my dorky posts now! :)

I hope you have a very blessed, very childlike day!




Trudy said...

Hi Bren,
Love the pics of your daughter dressing up. My daughter and her friends were doing the same thing Saturday night, but she is 20:)

I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. Could the headaches be related to ovulation? I suffered when I was younger for weeks at a time, always after ovulation, but had very few migraines after becoming pregnant. Just one thing to mention to the specialist..when you make that are making that appointment, right?

TamboinMO said...

That Calli is just a HOOT!!! And hurray for you for embracing her creativity...I still remember always wanting to wear these pastel plaid pants when I was her age....wanted to wear them in the dead of winter...just didn't matter!!!

Maria said...

Bren, OH MY....Calli is so darn cute! Just love her favorite is the hot pink and orange with black socks/tights. Did she wear any of them to school?Maria