Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Tisket a Tasket

It's been a couple of weird days.
Our washer broke last week.
6 people.
10 billion loads of wash per week
(ok maybe i'm exaggerating a little)
7 year old washer
you do the math!
Anyway.. the maytag man had to come to our house today.
I was so thankful he knew what he was doing, and he got in, fixed it, collected his money and was gone ... all within about 30 minutes! Woohoo! so our washer is back up and running!
Praise God!!

Today, a freakish thing happened...

the load in the back of my husband's truck shifted and crashed in his rear window on his truck.
and i do mean everywhere
I was amazed at how much glass actually cam from that little window!
took us over an hour to suck it all up with the shop vac! All on the inside of the cab of his truck, all in the bed of the truck.. all under the seats and behind the seats..

Poor Danny. :(

I felt so bad for him :(
He was already having "one of those days" where it seemed
everything he touched turned sour. :(
and when it rains it pours!

donchya hate days like that? Where you feel like you are under attack ALL day long?

BUT... tomorrow is another day!
hopefully (prayerfully) a much better one!

Christmas came a little early for Danny and I this year :)
Our cell phones were so old they wouldn't hold a charge anymore for longer than about ten minutes - which is a joke for a man who uses his ALL day for work!
It was suggested that Santa ought to bring new cell batteries for our stockings.
great idea!
they made them anymore
and IF
when you found them they were under $150 each!
Soooo Santa took a different route and found out that our service (Verizon) gives us a free phone upgrade every two years! (well free for one of us anyway! lol)
And Santa got us two new (THE COOLEST EVA!!! ) phones!
We are both like little kids learning how to use our new phones (read toys)
and all the kewl things it can do!

front of mine

it opens up to a full qwerty keyboard and bigger screen

I had bought my husband a GPS navigation system for Christmas.
Well...get this...
our new phones have navigation systems IN THEM!!!! Seriously! Just like the tomtom!
So that's getting taken back! LOL!
He can check and return his emails while out on the road (metaphorically of course!)
He will be able to look up the nearest Home Depot very quickly on the web ...
(without having to call me and have me look it up for him)
He can search his email for the lockbox codes he has forgotten...
he can download music and videos and fun stuff
(not that he actually will... but he CAN! )
He can download mp3's - sermons, music whatever from the puter and listen to them on this!
This 'phone' ROCKS!!!!!!
Oh yah.. and you can actually call someone on it! LOL!
And he is so very excited about it coming and getting turned on today..
that with as rotten of a day as he had... this had him smiling tonight!
What little (or big) boy (or girl for that matter!!!) doesn't love to get a new toy every once in a while??!!

I think Santa did good this year!
(even if he was a bit early!)


JoJo said...

Geez, Bren, if I'd only known you get turned on by new phones, I would have been emailing you long ago. We dropped our land line in May and got new phones then and there's nothing in this life more fun than getting a new phone. On one of my cat forums, we get into phone discussions often and have a ball doing it.

Just asking.....did you know that having the GPS stuff actually working on your new phones costs extra? I'm sure you must since you said that your hubby uses his phone all the time for work.

I love Verizon......they ARE the best.....but the charges for internet, GPS, VCast, etc. can sure cause the bill to jump.


Brie said...

That is cool that your phones have the GPS. I am wondering if it would be hard to follow though because the screen is small. I have a TomTom and love it! I can't drive without it anymore - I want to get the GO 720 for the BF for Christmas, i think he will love it! Have fun with the new phones!

Erin said...

Bren glad Santa came early and made something good out of a few bad things! I am glad Danny was ok! That phone looks like a lot of fun!

Brenis said...

Jojo! I can't find your email to email you privately!
LOL we are such nerds with these phones! We got a screamin deal on upgrading our
existing service to the premium family share plan and ALL that stuff is
included!!! Up until this point we have been less than "with it" - according to
our teenage son! haha! And we are like giggling kids learning all this new (to
us) technology! :P
Wish i could find your email!!

Brenis said...

Brie, that's what I was wondering! With the screen being so much smaller, is it even worth it? Or readable? So we've been putting it through the paces checking it out - and amazingly it's still awesome!! We both LOVE it!! On the bigger screen inside, it's not much smaller than the GPS unit - and the detail is crisp and clear. You can also zoom in and out of the mapping just like on yahoo or mapquest! Also audio prompts when to turn, or merge etc! I'm REALLY surprised! But I haven't experienced the tomtom yet - so have nothing to compare it to! LOL! Bet your boyfriend will LOVE that as a gift!!