Thursday, December 13, 2007

So behind...

It's been a few days since I have blogged. This has just been a crazy year, and a crazy December to end it all with! LOL! I diligently cleaned and rearranged furniture last week. Got the tree upstairs and put up - fluffed up and plugged in. :D And that's as far as I have gotten!!! :-o We thought we'd give it a day or two - with the little toddlers on crack trying out their new skills - leaping, flying, jumping, climbing... oh my! Much easier to pull a kitten out of the middle of the tree when there is nothing on it!! But got slammed with a migraine on Sunday, and it didn't let up until yesterday after going to the chiropractor. (ooh that man has healing hands and the power of the Spirit!!) So we still have a BARE TREE! House isn't decorated yet, and hardly anything wrapped! I have to wrap and package up 8 boxes to go out today for Christmas - and get them all to the post office, drop off some gifts and food to Church - which is half an hour away, go to the grocery store, and pull all the Christmas boxes up from the basement! Do you ever feel like you are so far behind that you will NEVER catch up??? I was on the road ALL day yesterday until about 9:30 at night. Appointments, quick shopping trip, taking my son to work, taking the kids to youth group, taking my 5 year old to do her Christmas shopping while the others were at youth group, going to pick them all up, hustling them all home and into bed by 10 (2 hours past their normal bed time) chasing the kittens out of the tree and presents, cleaning up the kitchen, and falling into bed - i got nothing actually ACCOMPLISHED yesterday! Well... yes i did... helping Calli shop for her gifts for her siblings was an accomplishment! LOL! Well i guess i better get to it if i want to get even half of these things done before 2:30 when the kids start rolling in! If anyone has any Christmas elves floating around that are bored (since they finished at your house) can ya send them my way? Maybe just for a day? :P hugs, Bren

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