Thursday, October 25, 2007


The girls couldn't resist building a snowman on Sunday. :) They were too cute out there in their jammies, and coats and this darling lil guy came to life!

I'm so thankful for Colorado weather!! :D The snow melted within a day, and we are back up to the mid 70's !! GOTTA LOVE THAT!!! Oohh and now it SMELLS like fall!! woohoo!!

I don't know if i've mentioned that I'm a "comfort" girl, more than a "showy" girl? A definite homebody!! I like rooms where you feel like you are immediately at home, and can snuggle right in, and really relax! Big down pillows... a comfy couch... and a place to put your feet up! (yes that is what that ugly brown throw is for!! lol So we can curl up without absolutely destroying our LIGHT yellow couch!) It never looks "perfect". Which can get under my skin on those OCD days.. but for the majority of the time, this is the way i think it should be!! (and have i mentioned that red and yellow are my happy places???)

Now my mess is another story!!
I have been busily "nesting" in the evenings. Not necessarily intentionally!!
I've been so busy filling orders, and trying to stay caught up.. nesting times have been far and few between! But this week, I decided come 9pm i NEED to "clock out" and have a little down time before going to bed - or else i just get so wound up, and my shoulders get tighter and tighter as the week goes on.. and then i'm no good for anyone!! I have found that there are two things that are an absolute MUST for me on a daily basis!
#1 Be in God's word - EVERYDAY. Reading every morning is absolutely crucial for me to function the WAY i want to function - in Christ!!!
#2 Have a little "down time" at the end of each day, and allow myself to unwind from all the craziness around me. Usually this is when i will sit and stitch or hook, because the need to create is right on up there in the "need to" category!!
The process of nesting, as many of you know... means that you gather things up around you to work on... and each day as things are brought into the nest.. it gets fuller and fuller! And when one doesn't pick up after themselves each can barely get to the couch!
One often wonders how one's husband so wonderfully tolerates one's need to nest!!!??? :-0
Look at that mess!!! And wanna know what's funny?? I hate things to be in total disarray - and yet THIS MAKES ME HAPPY!!! LOLOL go figure! Mebbe cuz it's MY nest?? :D
Regardless, it's getting cleaned up TODAY!!!

I've started quilting my applique quilt (jan patek) - and i am soooo SLOOWWWW!!! :( This is all I have gotten done on it so far. Just starting my third swirly. But hey.. it might be done by next Christmas!!

A friend was selling some of her old quilts and quilt tops... and when i saw this hand pieced red and white one, i thought "oohh!! i could practice my quilting on that, without having to put all the labor into the top!!" :D But i got impatient with starting and didn't have any backing or batting for this one.. and instead just started on the applique one!! :-o Brilliant, huh?
But how cute is this?!?

And working on another rug :)
Thus the piles of wool in my living room! And to all you hookers out there, YES i will be rehooking the words! LOLOL!!

I think it's funny how things go in waves. This week hooking kits and linen have been flying out the door! Apparently i'm not the only one that's hunkering down and starting her nest for the winter!!

Now it's time for me to get off the puter and fill the rest of these orders!!
I hope you have a beautifully blessed day! And to quote my friend Tammy, "go forth and be creative!"
xo Bren :0)


TamboinMO said...

Ah Bren, Our nests look very similar! However, at the moment I've been wound up about proddying things and I've got all those wools in a cool little basket....then there is the hooking project that is in a tote...that's what's feathering my nest at the moment.
Red and yellow....let's see....those are the happy colors in my hooking room....part of my happy hooking, yellow, brown and green.

Jacque said...

Hey Bren...LOVE your quilting! It's looking great! Love your 'nest', too!