Sunday, October 21, 2007


Well we went from this.......... trees just changing, barely into fall.. leaves just starting to fall.. haven't even had the chance to walk thru the crunchy leaves yet......

To waking up to THIS this morning!!!

I don't think you can see the huge clumpy wet flakes that are still falling in these pics??

I'm praying this isn't a precursor of things to come this winter???!! Wow. It seems to come earlier and earlier every year! We had a whoppin WEEK of fall! :( (and since that IS MY FAVORITE time of year, that really bummed me out!!)
So...we decided not to go to church this morning (as we don't even know where our snow scraper is yet??) and instead decided to snuggle in and nest today!! Lit a fire first thing...

And I'll be starting on quilting my quilt. I found this at the quilt shop the other day. It is filled with a "waxy powder", and you pounce it on the counter to get the powder down and into a terry cloth sponge, then you just swipe it over your template, and VOILA!
Now... i really don't know that this will work for me, as i am working on hand quilting.. AND i'm a lap quilter. Which means i handle the fabric much more than if it were in a frame. I dunno if this will even hold up and stay for the quilting of one go round of each template at a time?? We'll see i guess!
These are the templates I chose for the red applique quilt. The spirals will fill the center, and the other two for the borders. Keep in mind i am still not very good at this! LOL! So i tried to choose something SIMPLE!! :D
Ok.. so i went to the quilt shop to drop off my scissors to be sharpened. And to pick up some new quilting needles.
That's it. LOL!
I came away with the pouncer, a new ruler, needles, and oohhh lookie!! Some fabric that inspired me for my next quilt!! hahaha!!
This grouping will be added to several reds that I already have on hand.
and...... these were ALL HALF OFF!!!
SCORE!!!! :D

Well i'm going to go snuggle in with my quilt, thimbles and needles now! Still in my cozy robe and slippers :D
I think i might just stay this way ALL day!!
hee hee :)
Leaving you with a picture taken from the inside of the house, looking through the window to the outside, of my dorky cat sitting in the window box planter, watching the world go by!
This is her new favorite place to hang out!
I wish I would have grabbed a photo of her from the street, as cars driving by would see her!
(quick close your eyes to that mess!!)
Have a great Sunday!!
Bren :0)

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Jacque said...

HOLY SCHMOLY, Brenis! What a change for you! I am hoping, since I now drive 22 miles to work each way, that this will be a mild (read NO snow) winter. Love the photos! Good luck with your quilting.