Monday, July 16, 2007

All Alone!

Well wow! I am alllll alone - I can't believe it!! This NEVER happens - and boy am I enjoying it!! LOL!! We have had sooo much going on the last few weeks, and have been going at a dead run it seems! We had company the week of the 4th, and had an awesome time visiting with our friends! They moved to New Mexico a year ago, and we have missed them soo much! My son Bailey, and their son are best friends - poor guys have just been lost without each other! Well... they left their daughter here with her best friend, for a week, and then meeting her dad at the half way mark bringing her back. So, i get a call on friday night, saying "I know this is last minute... but can Bailey come visit for two weeks? He can ride down with our daughter - and we can just meet up at the halfway mark in two weeks!" So we were scrambling, trying to figure out if it would work, whether or not he wanted to, and cancelling some other plans to make it happen!! Got him all packed and we dropped him off on Sat morning for his road trip! :-) Oh my gosh i'm gonna miss him!!!!!!! But i know he will have so much fun! Our daughter Emily is in California for 3 weeks (due back in a week! yay!). My oldest son is at his dad's for a week. And that leaves us with Calli! Wow - how often does that happen? Going from 4 kids to 1 ??!! haha NEVER!! So of course hubby and I saw this as an opportunity for calli to have some quality time with her gramas this week!! :D hee hee So she went to grama's and spent the afternoon and night with her. Dan and I hung out in our jammies and actually R E L A X E D !! I actually pulled out my hooking and got a little done! We were able to have several conversations without being interupted every two seconds, and then we went to dinner and a movie!! Holy cow!! It was AWESOME!!!!! LOL!! I had forgotten how nice it is to be able to date my husband!! :-) I got to wake up today with the house totally quiet... drink my coffee in silence (aaaahhhhh!!), water my garden, read some blogs - what a wonderful gift! But i need to scoot. I have a doctor's apt in 30 minutes! Ack! Where'd the time go?!? And then time to pick up calli. Perhaps she would like to go visit nana tomorrw? :D Hey, a girl's gotta take advantage of these types of rare opportunities! Just think of all i could actually get done this week if calli is occupied too!?! woohoo!! Doin the happy dance! :-) OK... now i must boogie! Hope you have a blessed day and enjoy your monday! ~Bren :0)

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