Saturday, June 8, 2013

Where's Your Breaking Point?

So I have been doing a ton of spring cleaning. Which has left no time for sewing :( 
I'm getting antsy! Doodling, thinking, creating in my mind and in my sleep. Mentally sewing while I'm washing blinds and baseboards! 
Isn't it funny how something that is so integral to our being makes itself known when its not getting enough? 
I mean... Think about it... If your body is lacking a vitamin, it lets you know! If your body is lacking sleep, it lets you know! If it needs food, your tummy growls and you get light headed - you KNOW that's what it's telling you.   I believe it's no different with mental and emotional needs. When women aren't getting enough affection, they get crabby and sad... Right?  Depression... Stress... Worry... All of them have "consequences" or reactions in our body.  And each of us being so different, we all have different levels of needs.
Those of us that NEED to create recognize the signs and symptoms when we're not fulfilling that need as well!  
It makes itself known in a variety of ways.  For me, my brain goes into overdrive - which can be such a good thing sometimes! Lol as long as you keep a journal or notebook of all the things that are percolating!  Because they will be long forgotten once you start back up! :) 
If I'm still not able to put my thoughts into action I start to get edgy.  Or maybe restless is a better word?  Discontent and irritation sets in. And then.... If I'm still not able to act on it, it shuts itself down and goes into sleep mode.  Literally, like starvation, the hunger pains go away. The desire goes away, but you are left wanting and unable to fulfill it.  Enter the artist's dry spells where lack of creative mojo as many of us call it, is just seemingly GONE.  And try as you might to get it ramped back up, it's elusive and hard to catch hold of.
I think we all hit that end result now and then. Why or how we get there is different for each of us. Sometimes it's because we are stagnant in our our art...not growing and learning and pursuing. Sometimes it's just because we haven't made time for it, and it slips away.  What ever the cause, we've all been there at one time or another, right? 
I'm a true believer of just making yourself do it when you're there. Just start something and push through. You'll likely hate the end result (because your mojo has gone missing) but it forces it to come out of hiding.  Sometimes it's almost a painful process watching yourself create crappy stuff! Lol but your eye, your creative soul knows its crap and starts screaming for the conductor to come back! Lol I hate being in that place! Hate it with a passion!
So all that to say, I am at the restless edgy stage and if I don't do something soon, it's going into hiding and that's where I'll be!  Don't wanna! Lol!
I have been battling some serious health issues that force me out of commission for a couple weeks at a time. Extremely frustrating! And watching this creative starvation systematically play out every time has made me extremely aware of how it goes down!  And the truly frustrating part of it all, is I am fully loaded with awesome ideas, projects in the works and just rarin' to go! So if it goes away now, they all do too! Seemingly never to return!
So guess what I'm going to do today? Lol
I am going to MAKE time, and a good portion of it, to go disappear into my studio and get some motion happening!  That last wall that needs washing, and the sorting for the annual garage sale, and the laundry can wait for another day. I however don't think I can!  It's been three weeks of stagnation, and I think that may be all I can handle!  Praying my health issues allow for a good chunk of time before calling me back down!
And maybe I'll have something to show for it in the next week!


Jacque. said...

I, for one, am really looking forward to what you come up with. And, praying that your health issues allow you to fulfill that need to create! Rock on! xo

WoolenSails said...

I hear you, I feel that way a lot. I want to do things, just hard getting the brain and body to cooperate. Sometimes I make myself do things and then I get into it again, just need to rewire the brain;)


Jill Cooper said...

Oh girlfriend that was a really great post! It's been much longer than 3 weeks for me and this week since I was off work - I FINALLY put some things into gear and yes, am feeling much better about everything now. Hugs to you!

Lindy said...

Hope you feel better Bren!