Sunday, May 5, 2013

Paper Piecing More Blocks

I've gotten a couple more blocks done for Bailey's quilt. These last four were really time consuming!
One block takes about 3-4 hours! Sheesh! 
These last two I did at the same time, so the same step repeated for all the pieces all at once. 8 pieces (triangles) per block. 88 pieces x 2 ! 
But I gotta say, they turned out pretty cool! 
Totally worth the time and effort :)
And, what's most important... Bailey loves them! 

These weren't so bad... only 56 pieces per block! :)

We've decided to include 2 more from the Don't Call Me Betsy BOM also. And that's it, since we are focusing more on nautical compass types than just stars.
These three I got from here, in case you're interested :)
Now I just have to make doubles of all the ones I've made. We're not sure on the layout yet. He suggested making 8 rows of all the same stars in each row. I'm thinking more helter skelter. lol  So once I get them done we'll lay them out and make a decision. I'll be sure to take a pic when we get to that point. At this rate, that might be in July! LOL!

And... amazingly enough.. I spent a day getting things listed in my etsy shop. Finally! Yay! 
Looking for a great Mother's Day gift??  I have several quilted zippered pouches (cosmetic type bags) listed, and they would get there in time :)   Take a peek!

We have snow upon snow upon snow here. I am SO SICK OF SNOW!
Our trees haven't even budded yet, much less have leaves! lol  All of our flowers have been killed before they were allowed to bloom. It doesn't look like spring is going to happen here in Colorado this year :( 
The kids get out for SUMMER break in two weeks! Wonder if it will be snowing then too??

Well... at least the sun is shining today! lol
Have a great one!
Bren :)


Tammy Burks said...

Wow girl! You've been busy!!!

WoolenSails said...

You have a lot more patience then I do, no way would I tackle that, lol. Those are beautifully made and it is going to be a beautiful quilt.