Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Another UFO finish

Another UFO finish!

So, I'm sure I can't be the only one with a few unfinished projects laying around? 
This one has been sitting in a pile - already basted mind you - for... oh... 6 months? 7? 
When I unfolded it and went to quilt it, I was mortified at the deep set in creases that were in all the layers!! From sitting layered, basted and folded for months, with other quilts on top of it. Yah. You should have seen me struggling with the iron and this heavy beast! I did NOT want to unbaste it! haha!

So anyway, all is good. It all worked out! And finally got the binding finished and took some pictures the other day.  
Ok, so.. can I share something? .. I can sew! I feel pretty blessed to have fiber arts as one of my abilities. lol So I shouldn't whine that photography isn't on that list... right?
So I'm not whining... 
really :)
But it's just soo irritating to make something  awesomely colorful, seams match, yadda yadda yadda.. and then not be able to get even one good picture of it! 
I know.. I need a better camera, that's half the battle. But I don't need a another new hobby! And if I got a fancy dancy new camera I would get all involved figuring it out and trying new things... I can see where this is going! LOL! 
So me and my simple point and shoot camera have to come to terms with each other at some point, right?
Until then.. here is my vibrant (not faded out) XL twin size chevron quilt. That is supposed to go up on etsy..

 I put it on my daughter's bed trying to get a good shot. Yep. I put it on upside down! And donchya love those wild blue and white sheets? Match so well, right? :)   
haha.. some days you just know you shouldn't even try!! 
So will be trying for new photos again sometime this week... maybe the photo fairy will visit me and bless me with a little camera mojo! hee hee

So on another note... 
It is going to be handmade Christmas this year. I always make things for my family, but I'm trying to get my kids in on the action. So as we were looking for things that they could make for gifts, we stumbled across this blog and tutorial, and FELL IN LOVE!!!  We immediately knew this was it! :)
We started on Sunday... with the sheep! Of course one of the most time consuming, and a little more complicated than the others. LOL it took 3 of us 5 hours to make 8 of these cute little guys!
(we're making 4 sets total. I'm kind of questioning now if that was such a wise idea! haha!!)
But we are having tons of fun with it!

Aren't they cute?!!!
We also got 2 Josephs and 4 shepherds done on Monday! Whoop!! 
I won't be able to post any more pics of these until after Christmas. But just had to share these little sheepies with you!
bren :)

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WoolenSails said...

Beautiful quilt, I like that design and was thinking of doing one for a kid's quilt. Love your sheep, fun idea and great for the kids too. My daughter used to make cards and when we went to visit my grandmother, she would go to other rooms and hand them out.