Sunday, November 25, 2012

DQS 13!

DQS13 inspiration mosaic
It's that time! I'm so so excited!!
I've had to take the last few rounds off, and boy have I missed it! 
I love the whole process of this swap. From choosing inspiration from the things that  make my heart sing (above), to stalking my partner and trying to figure out her likes and dislikes. 
Then formulating a plan for a quilt that suits her. 
(Scrapping that plan and starting over - lol it never fails!)
Reaching a little beyond myself and abilities to try new things, the absolute fear that she will hate it and I am way off base, or the jumping for joy just knowing I nailed it! 
Seeing everyone's quilts come to life. Wondering which one will show up on your doorstep? Oh and the longggg wait, waiting for yours to arrive at your partner's doorstep - that is the longest week in history! haha!
Oh man, this swap does evoke emotions I tell ya! :)
So fun!!

I am berry berry 'cited! Can you tell? 
: D 
We should be getting our secret partners sometime this/next week. Which means I will have a stalker on my blog soon! So.. partner... Hi!! :)
Every one of these pics just makes me happy to no end, and really do show my likes and dislikes. Looking at them, I'm seeing patterns (that I didn't notice when picking them out of my hundreds of favorites!) 
I love: creativity! out of the box, different, neutral linen, white, text, WORDS, color, negative space, quilting.
Yep, i'm drooling! LOL Each one of these is amazing and inspiring to me!
The best thing I can say to you... is free yourself of all self imposed restrictions and just HAVE FUN with it! I will love whatever you do!!
Bren :)

ps.. I recently changed my blog design, and font. The font I chose was easy to read, just a little different than "the norm". I thought all was good - until I signed in on my tablet! On there all the words are cursive? And hard to read!?  What are YOU seeing?? Please... need input!


WoolenSails said...

That sounds like fun. I plan on doing art pieces, after the holidays and just playing.


Emily said...

Nice selections! The font is fine for me. It doesn't look cursive at all. Weird.