Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Scrappy Stash QAL

Here's a quick peek into what I'm currently working on. 
I decided to jump in and participate in Ellison Lane's Scrappy Stash QAL
Even though I just finished that big string quilt with all my scraps, I still had some left over! Granted, I didn't have the selection I might have liked at this point... but I still had plenty of scraps left! (i swear they multiply on their own!!) 
I've changed it up a big from what Jennifer is doing... hers are monochromatic log cabins. I started out that way.. but I didn't like how "orderly" it all looked. I wanted a more scrappy look to my scrap quilt! LOL
So... all my centers are monochromatic, but then I bordered them all with another color, and voila! a scrappier looking version of the same thing! :)

The guidelines for the quilt along were 8.5" blocks - once I decided to go this route, I made all my blocks 12.5".  I have 20 blocks done so far, and after laying them out last night, thinking a 4 x 5 layout would work... that puts me at 48" x 60" ... and I'm thinking I ought to make a couple more and make a 5x5 to round it out at a nice lap size of  60"x60". 
It's a bit on the BRIGHT side! lol 
I was thinking of just putting the blocks together like this... but perhaps a small 2" white or gray sashing might make it a little less bold?  

And in other thoughts... I need to start figuring out what I can make for Christmas gifts this year!! Have you had any thoughts? Already started?  Care to share? :)


kelley said...

love it Bren! perfect little girls colors...

I am working on presents already...have been for a while...other than the rug for mom they are all big secrets though...hug a bug

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful quilt and fun colors. I am making things myself, I do mini quilts, punch needle pieces and ornies and stitcheries are fun for a small gift, they can be done in prim or fun, depending on who you are making for.