Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another Gift Idea

So I'm a little late showing you another piece of the gift baskets!
These are wonderful gift ideas, all alone... for people in your life that you want to give a little something to, but just aren't sure what... this is perfect!
They are hand scrubs!
Have you been to Origins or Bath and Body and used their hand scrubs? 
Dan and I LOVE them!!
These will be going to girlfriends.. a couple of the gals at Starbucks that are always so kind to me.. and a few relatives.

I used these wonderful print out labels and hand wrote in instructions and such...
I used old jelly jars, small jelly canning jars etc that i picked up at the thrift shop...
and tied them with bakers twine and old tiny souvenir spoons that i had laying around from the shop and crafting. Cute right?? :D

 I don't know how I get anything done around here with jokesters like this following me around.... LOL

 He's like - MOM take the picture!! See? It's like the jar has bunny ears!! bahahahaha!!!
Yah. crackin himself up! LOL what a goofball!

Tomorrow i am going to show you one more thing! AND show you what i recently won and am in love with !!! wooohoo!!!!
Have a great day!
I am off to sew! (for the first time in... 2 weeks?!)


Loretta said...

Nice gifts! Hello, I'm searching for good blogs today and found you! I have to tell you, I like your concept...I'm your new follower! Please come over and follow/join us too, because we would ~love~ having you! Thank you much...

Warmest Wishes,

acorn hollow said...

I just found you also. Great scrubs and will keep it in mind when thinking gifts.