Tuesday, November 22, 2011

On of those moments you wish you had a camera!

There are things to be thankful for EVERY day! I count my blessings every single day.
But there are moments in time, where you just wish you had a camera glued to your hip all the time - am i right?
And as a mom... there are MANY of those moments where you are kicking yourself for not having a camera handy!  Well at least I do ! :D
Today was one of those times.
And one of those thankful "Mom moments"
You know the ones... the kind that just warm you inside and out, and reconfirm that you have raised good kids!
I had to run my high school sophmore son's lacrosse stick down to the school for him, and Calli was with me.  We pull into the school, and immediately see Bailey sitting posing on the bleachers. Obviously, he thought some girls must be ogling looking at him. LOL  Wearing nice jeans, a white v-neck T, and his shades. Could he look any cooler? (obviously we know that HE didn't think so! *coughzacheffroncough*)
Big man on campus and all that. High school years - remember those? :)
I'm rolling my eyes at the posing and huge ego, but didn't say anything. lol
He opens the van door, we chat for a second and he gets his stick, says thanks for bringing this mom. Sure no problem :) 
And then...
one of the moments that just defined him as the coolest big brother ever - he asked Calli if she wanted to come and hang out with him and his lacrosse buddies.
She about jumped out of her seat - YES!!
I asked Bay - are you sure? She'll be bored... and you really want her tagging along?
His answer - yah, it's totally cool.. i don't think she'll be bored. C'mon Cal :D

That little girl (9) was soooo absolutely thrilled !! And watching them walk up the hill together... (i have a "thing" for backside shots of big person and little person walking together) him in all his high school coolness... and her small frame hustling to keep up with him... and looking up at him with that look... you know the one... the one that only the camera can capture all the emotion in such a simple look of "my big brother is soo awesome!"
  And i didn't have a camera!!! Arrrggghhhhh!
But ya know what?
Photo or no photo, he earned points today. Mom points, sister points, and just all around brownie points! LOL  and yes... my heart swelled, as it often does in those moments, and I was thankful for my kids!

There are silly little tidbits like this every day. Maybe I'll start sharing more of them. They make me smile... and years from now, going back to my "online journal" that i dont make enough entries to it will bring a smile again!
What are you thankful for today?


Kim said...

Awww, that is the sweetest story. What an awesome big brother.

WoolenSails said...

What a sweet brother, and such a wonderful thing to do.


Joanne said...

That boy is going to make a great partner to someone some day - you certainly raised him right! To take the time (at his age) is just awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

AWESOME....now that was once special moment!