Saturday, October 8, 2011

Help!? Bias Tape is the pits!

I want to make basket handles on a quilt - I have tried this sooo many times, and cannot get it to lay flat!!
i am in bias tape hell!
Seriously people. This is rediculous!
Have made my own bias tapes, pressed and ready to go - but these suckers do not BEND like they are supposed to!
They get all chunky with extra fabric on the inner curves - HOW DOES ONE AVOID THIS?

Anyone know any tricks to making bias tape work for appliques of basic curves?
(i'm not even trying to make it into a celtic knot here... just a basic basket handle! LOL)
ANY and ALL tips, ideas, or help is welcome and needed!
Hoping someone (or a lot of someones) can help!


Pokey said...

When garment sewing, I used to press the curves into the tape around necklines and armholes. Try that and see if it helps. Personally, I bind quilts with binding cut across the grain, and find it has enough give to be successful.
I'm sorry you are struggling, that takes all the joy out of sewing....

Julia said...

Hi Bernis, did you cut the bias tape exactly on the diagonal. I've never had that problem. I usually baste the bias tape so it easier to press and press it flat following the pattern. I've used it to make bent flower stems on a quilt.

Maybe a photo of it would help with a solution. Good luck with this. JB