Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Blues

I'm not in love.
I'm not even in like.
But the top is finished. (forgot to take a pic after it was put together) Now to figure out what in the world to put on the back. Wayyy too busy in my opinion. And as much as I love each of those fabrics... it's just not workin for me all together. I think it's all the blue. LOL
But i'll finish it. It will make a great picnic/concert throw.. you know... on wet grass.. muddy feet...potato salad and ice cream drips on it. haha! Watch me change my mind after it's quilted! 


Kim said...

I kind of like it. No muddy feet!

Jacque. said...

Sometimes it does make a difference in how I feel about a quilt once it is quilted. I don't think it's the blue, though.

WoolenSails said...

I think if you add a small sashing to the blogs in the burgandy red shade, that would bring it all together and tone it down a bit.


Julia said...

I think that WoolenSails is right about a burgundy border. It will grow on you. JB

katie said...

I absolutely love it.
The dark blue I think made the whole thing.
Love it .