Thursday, August 11, 2011

Busy Week!

Well it's been a busy week! Woohoo!
Kids started school. Yes, we start VERY early! And no, I am one of the weird ones that is NOT happy about that. LOL
First day they were back in school, I got my triangle top put together! Woot! And it all worked out :)  Second day they were gone, I was gone most of the day to a doctor appointment and running errands. But my hubby took my sewing machine in to be fixed - AND picked it up for me!! *Happy Dance!!*
So I was able to finally finish quilting this windowpane quilt that has been staring at me for close to 3 months!!! Yay!!! It's now on the couch with binding on, and hand sewing begun! *More Happy Dancing!*

I tell ya, if straight line quilting was the only option, I don't think I would be a quilter! I LOVE free motion quilting - that is my favorite part actually. I could do it all day every day!  But straight line (or rather organic line) quilting on a big quilt is exhausting! Having to push the entire quilt through the machine every pass seems to take forever, and it's a full body workout!! :D    This one isn't even that big, at 74"x 78"! I did a straight line quilting  on my first two quilts and almost quit! And they were 90" x 80", and 108" x 92 ! So glad I didn't quit! LOL But this was just a reminder why I'm not fond of it. My shoulders are soooo sore!! LOL  I really really wanted long lines on this quilt, so it was worth it. Can't wait to get the binding done and get it washed up!!
Then yesterday, I helped out a friend who just bought a used RV and needed 4 big cushions recovered.  Took me about 7 hours to get the 4 of them all done. But they look great! And I made them with an overlap envelope style, so she can removed them and wash them if need be. I felt very accomplished!! LOL!!
But still needed to sew! (geez can you say withdrawls??!!)  So I started a baby quilt for a little boy - our neighbor's son is turning 1 year old in two weeks - plenty of time to whip up a little quilt for him for his birthday!
I just love love love so many of the boyish fabrics that are on the market! It was hard to choose which ones to use! I think I might put together an extra one, and put it up on etsy while I'm at it.
Also have plans to make a couple little girl quilts for etsy too. We'll see if i can stay on track, or if i get all sidetracked and start working on something else?! 
But this is what i'm working on today :)  
Tomorrow I'll be at Calli's school helping in the classroom, and of course eating lunch with her. LOL She's only been begging since the beginning of the week!  So sadly the summer mentality is quickly fleeting, and we are getting back in schedule of waking up early,  and it seems work work work just takes over at that point. Sad to see the summer go!
Hope you are having a very blessed week!!  Hopefully i'll have some finishes to show you soon!


Joanne said...

Wowser Brens - you sure have been busy - wish you were my neighbor - I'd bring you stuff to sew all the time (I don't get along with my beast!) Just teasing! Love your projects! I can see the happy dances in your projects!
Sorry your kids had to go back so early! Something wrong with going before labor day in my opinion!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Wow, Bren ~
That is so early to go back to school. Our schools all start before Labor Day and I think even that's too early. Nothing I can do other than moan about it (and I don't have kids in school...just my grandson who is going in first grade).
Great quilts!!!
Pug hugs :)

Kathy (woolfind) said...

You know how to fill your time :).
Just have one question...

What will you get accomplished when they all go away to college? LOL, You'll need a bigger house to accomodate all those quilts you will be making!!!!