Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer's Over :(

Well hello my friends!
Sadly, summer is over. Not according to the weather, or the season, but according to our school system.
My kids started back to school on the 4th. sigh.
I am soo not ready for the schedules to begin again, or "school mom" to have to be back on duty!
I much prefer "summer mom" - no responsibilities, make our schedule as we see fit, late dinners, and enjoying one another in the sunchine of the day and the cool evening breeze.
But sadly, our 8 short weeks are over.
I pretty much unplugged for the summer. Didnt watch TV, blog or read blogs much, or spend much time on the computer.
I didn't sew much either!! (now that's the most surprising for those of you that know me! lol)
(well... except the last two weeks gearing back up for school)
So anyway, i have to get my butt back into schedules. Back into the swing of things. Back to functioning as a responsible mom - and responsible human being. lol
I'll leave you with a few highlights of the last two weeks though :)
We were very blessed to be able to go camping for a 3 day weekend to Heaven Fest. Held in Longmont, Colorado.
It was A M A Z I N G
The Holy Spirit just flooded the place. The heat was absolutely exhausting, as was all the walking up and back from the north 40 where they had us campers. But even that was wonderful!
My son Bailey, was thrilled to death to be invited onto a small stage with a Christian group of musicians, and played for several hours into the wee hours of the night - singing God's praises. It was awesome! My camera was dead, so got this with my phone - he is there on the right with the guitar. :D Very proud of him!!!
My wonderful husband bought me a Bernina !!! Older model, but delicious none the less!! PERFECT for my needs, and i am just THRILLLLLEEEDDD to pieces!!!
Granted... have only sewn on it ... twice?! :>o
But that will change this week ! :D
One of the 2 things i sewed this summer... lol... a fun little pin cushion for the scrappy pincushion swap. A little gnome home :)
And this absolutely thrills me..... I got to teach Calli how to sew!! She is the same age as when I learned - and it was time! Oohhhh she was sooo darling! So excited! And soo dedicated!!
She is still so little - as I sit here looking at this photo - blows me away she is as big as she is - and yet still so tiny and innocent! My mommy hearts swells with pride. Can't help it!
She picked the fabrics, (i cut them) she sewed them all together, and together again. She quilted it with very organic criss cross lines, and I am binding it. She is beside herself that SHE made a quilt!!! LOL!! A little dolly quilt - and ooh seeing the light in her eyes when SHE did it all - was the best gift of all!!! :D
And last but not least, the ONE project I started this summer. LOL And this is about as far as i got in 2 days - and then decided it was too darn hot, and the iron heat wasn't helping! So.. set it aside for later when the kids started school. Which is now. :)
I have bee blocks to catch up on - i am soo behind. And then i will work on this sunny baby quilt.
Cleaned the house this morning, and am finishing up laundry from camping and swimming. Cleaned out my vacuum and swept and mopped.
Looks like things are already starting to get back to normal.
So sad!
It may take me a week or two to adjust fully. I have been reading a lot in my quiet hours, and have gone through 9 or 10 books. I still have 3 left! And i don't think i will be willing to quit just yet! lol But force myself i must... so maybe once all my chores are done, and my bee blocks caught up, I will indluge a little more before coming fully back to reality! :D
I hope you have had a wonderful summer, and taken time to slow down and enjoy your family and the dog days summer as I have!
Ours was wonderful! Something I haven't allowed myself to do for several years now - and I was the one that sorely missed out because of it! So thankful God smacked me upside the head this year! LOL!
Bright blessings to you!


Miccosukee said...

Glad you enjoyed all the time off and had such a wonderful summer with the family. Callie is the age I was when I first learned how to sew. She is in for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Peace be with you,

Jacque. said...

ohwow...I am in love with the idea of Calli sewing...and that doll quilt she sewed is adorable! Big hugs to her from me, please! I have been collecting yellow/orange fabrics for over a year now to make a sunshine quilt. Your yellow with white hst's is looking awesome!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Bren ~
Welcome back :-) My, your school systems is the earliest start I have heard of.
How wonderful you took time to enjoy your summer. It is so easy to get caught up in life that one forgets to live it to the fullest. Hooray for you.
Calli's quilt is adorable. Great job!
Pug hugs :)

Joanne said...

Oh isn't that wonderful Calli is quilting already! So cute! So happy you had a wonderful summer and got to do your heart's desires! You just keep reading if that's what you want! Missed hearing from you but being "unplugged" sounds like something you really needed!

WoolenSails said...

The concert looks like fun and your son must have been thrilled to be on stage and sing his praises. What a wonderful quilt Calli made, she should be proud.


Ter'e said...

Welcome Back! I cannot believe how big Callie is. I remember when she was just a babe in a blanket!!!! Her little guilt is just precious.
Bren, you are such a good mom!!!!!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Callie did a wonderful job on her quilt you must be soooo proud!

michelle allen said...

your daughter is darling there sewing away! her choice of colors is right up my alley. i LOVE your gnome home, super cute! hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)