Monday, June 7, 2010

Water loving Lexi

Lexi, our 11 month old golden retriever LOVES her water.
She has always loved her baths. But that was the extent of it, until about three weeks ago.
haha... we went for our morning walk... we were both hot and sweaty when we got back, and i made a pit stop to water the flowers before going in the house.
She WANTED that water... i thought she just wanted a drink, so let her have one. Well yah.. she did. But she wanted ALL of it. LOL
It was like every last drop coming out of that hose was supposed to be HERS.
And i really didn't want to have to contend with big wet dog that day... so... i pointed the hose in the other direction. Woops. haha. Little did I know!
This started a water chase game that was absolutely hilarious!
Neighbors across the street came out and watched and were cracking up. I was cracking up.
She was doing 2-3 feet leaps in the air trying to catch the water when i would swish it!
Turning circles. And "biting" (fast and repetitively) the spray.
Oh my gosh. I about wet my pants it was so funny!!
We played for over an hour!!
So... yesterday ... when arriving home from the morning walk - and it was HOT. I thought why not? :D
Well... of course we were a good 15 minutes into water play time when i thought DUH! Go get your camera!!
oh yah... sopping wet dog that follows me everywhere. run into the house?
well i brought her to the porch and told her to STAY.
Ran and got the camera - and what a good girl - she was right where she was supposed to be! yay!!
So i snapped a few pictures, and then tried to take a movie. I couldn't see for the bright sun, so had no idea if i was getting her or not, while holding the hose with the other hand!
Here are a few pics. And I will try to upload the movie somehow. It's not as spaztic as the first half hour of play - but I think you will still get a kick out of it!
I know it do! :D
And after an hour of drinking gallons and gallons of water, and jumping and romping, she is one exhausted girl! And looks like such a mangy mutt!! LOL! (look at how her fur acts like feathers and get all spiky and pointy! Isn't that cool?!)
And on the quilting homefont... in my springing to finish I did a big boo boo.
I made this fun little baby quilt. A wonky maverick star, surrounded by wonky (off kilter) squares. I thought i had adjusted for the wonkiness with the borders. Quilted it. Went to chop off the excess and realized it was larger on one side than the other! :>o
Soooo using my T square, i went to town trimming it up and "fixed" it.
haha... maybe you can't tell in this picture... but the bottom is a good 4" larger than the top!
it's a trapezoid!!!
So much for using my Tsquare ruler and making sure there were 90* corners! LOL
um... yah... i dunno if there's even a way to fix this? :(
Bums me out, because i really liked how the baby quilt came out!
I have made goofs before. But none THIS big! LOL!
Debating whether i oughta cut more off of it, and then ... then what? Have a reallllllyy small baby quilt? :D
That's where my "spring to finish" motivation came to a complete halt!
I got several projects done in the 6 weeks time. You have seen all the quilts except this one, and my mom's bag. But I also ripped carpet and laid a new floor for my mom, and got spring cleaning done! My "reward" to myself for finishing these things on my list of to-do's was a day at the pool, and some tufted tweets! :D
We went swimming today,- although not a long time, that is planned for wednesday! And my tufted tweets fabric is ordered. woohoo!!!!
I planted strawberries, and did a lot of running around town running errands today. All in all it was a wonderful day!
Hope you are all staying cool like Lexi!!


moosecraft said...

Love the pics of Lexi jumping around in the water! I bet she feels nice and cool now too! :-)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Bren ~
I, too, love the pictures of Lexi. She is just too darned cute.
Good luck on the baby quilt!!!
Pug hugs :)

~Michelle~ said...

my dad's dog (who has to be part goldie, but is all mutt) is a spazz like that too with the water -so cute!

So the quilt really isn't giftable? that's stinky! maybe a table topper for you??

WoolenSails said...

What shots of her playing. My dog loves to jump in the pond or the ocean, but hates the hose. Beautiful new quilt.


Jacque. said...

You goof! I don't think there's a way to save it without a lot of fuss, so why not just cut it way down and make a big pillow. I'm not sure what the largest pillow form is that you can buy...I know there's a 27".

Rug Cleaning said...

I love the wonky maverick star! kinda funny but its very cute.. wanna have my own wonky art too..

Rug Cleaning