Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Help? Minima?

Help?! I am messing around with trying to update my blog backgrounds and stuff. Anyone know where the "minima" tab is for the background setting? LOL this is HUGE!! I'll be your best friend forever! xoxo Bren


moosecraft said...

I don't know where the minima button is... but I do LOVE the background!!! :-)

katie said...

Sorry, I don't know either, but love the sunflower background.
Let us know if you find out we might need it one day.


moosecraft said...

Found what I think you're looking for? Log in to Dashboard, click on "Layout", click on "Pick New Template". The two option on the left will change your ratio of text to background, but won't change the size of just the sunflower... hope this helps!

Brenis said...

Oh Sharon I could kiss you!!! I think you found it! xoxoxoxoxo!!! Ok... so funny enough, I already have minima chosen!? So why are all the templates sooo HUGE when i apply them? LOL Well at least the mystery of where minima is, has been solved!!! BIG SMOOCHES my friend!!!