Monday, November 9, 2009

Painting puppies and snowmen

2 snowmen in our backyard after the blizzard. Hee hee... they just make me smile! Too bad they can't stick around longer than a day here in colorado!! :) Painting... painting ... painting.... we are slowly replacing all the 70's hollow wood doors through out our house, with 6 panel white doors. Yay!!! This nook will be the last to be replaced... as there are 3 doors in this nook. Can't wait! (why not all at once you ask? Just a bit cost prohibitive when we are doing so many other updates to the house! And having 12 doors needing replaced at $60 a pop... yah... do the math. LOL)
Got one wall in the family room done, and all the trim. Now for the other wall with the bookshelves and entertainment center on it!
Got one wall in the living room done. :) Easy peasy wall. LOL Now for the vaulted ceiling wrap around wall, with more book shelves and a big desk on it! The nook with the window, has been painted bright white. Not sure i'm loving it yet. That green wall you see will soon be red. So the entire living area of the house will be all the golden tan with white trim (looks soo sharp!!) and then only that one wall of red. Above, you see the little wooden panels by the wood burning stove? I think those will be red also... for continuity as it is a tri level house and you see everything all at once. I "think" this will all help it flow alot better. I am LOVING the neutral color with the white trim! The kitchen is chock full of color, and is the central part of the house seen from the living room and family room and entry way and dining room.
We have 2 of these 70's wood banisters. :( One right here in the entryway/living room. And one that keeps you from falling out of the kitchen. We are thinking of tearing this one out, and putting in a short wall with a flat top ledge. The one in the kitchen is a little tougher. We really LIKE that you can see thru it down into the family room. (keeping eyes on kids lol) Replacing it with a newer thicker banister would cost hundreds. :( So... prolly gonna be a sanding fool after the new year and try to paint it white. Iffin that doesn't go well... then we may replace it. But for now I have to try and keep the costs down, so i can replace the kitchen cabinets and all those doors! Slooowwwwllyyy upgrading things to pull it into this century! Hard to do when in your head you see it as it should be! And not being able to attain it right away all at once is the frustrating part! LOL
My poor hubby is a little disgruntled coming home to his living room being all squished up - no place to sit and relax! I keep reminding him this is a GOOD THING! And don't the walls look GOOD!? But yep... takes wayyy too long doing it this way!!
I was pulling the tape off yesterday... and my little helper decided to get in on the action and wanted to HELP ! Looked like fun! I can pull it off too Mom!!
She's such a love! But hard to paint with a pup who loves to be right next to you all the time! And yes.... she DID get her tail in some paint! :( Baby gates only work, if you put them up!!!
Hope you have a very blessed day!!! Say a little prayer that I stay motivated on this humongous project, and dont procrastinate the opposing walls for much more than a day!! :P


WoolenSails said...

Love that color, has a nice warm feel to it.
Boy, pup has sure grown since I last saw her.


Joanne said...

Oh my goodness - so much work! But it will be wonderful when you are done - Your puppy looks huge - wow they grow so fast!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Everything is looking good. Tape on pup and all lol! and I agree, that puppy is growing quick!