Friday, November 20, 2009

A Few Finishes for Friday!

Finishes. Finally!
I have been procrastinating on painting those last two walls. :( BUT the positive is that I have been working diligently to get some of these quilts finished! :)
I have no name for this quilt. The only thing that comes to mind is sugar and spice and everything nice! It is just sooo girly! The ricrac was a pain, as i literally had to stitch both sides down, or else it just kept curling up. But the effect was worth it!
I love this tangerine binding! The back is a sheet from target :) And with matching fitted sheet and pillowcase when on the bed - how cute will that be?!
This is what's currently in my machine. Sssh... just a sneak peek! Finished binding a couple small prim hand stitched quilts.
And this.... oh boy. I just finished binding it last night. I am PETRIFIED about washing this! It will only take ONE of the 6 reds to bleed to ruin this quilt. GULP. But look at how awesome and sharp they are against the white!!! How could I resist?? But yah... very VERY nervous. And yes, I always add a cup of salt to the first wash of a quilt... to keep the bleeding factor down. And I always throw a towel in with it - hoping that IF it bleeds... the towel will just suck it up! LOL
I'm thinkin I might put more than a cup of salt in with this one!! Say a prayer for me. LOL This is a Christmas present... and i will NOT be making it over if it bleeds. :( I will just have to try something else for that person!
The back looks like this... it looks so flat right now.. cant wait to see it out of the dryer! But thought it wise to take pics BEFORE the wash... just in case! LOL (hyperventilating)
Finished a couple other things last week. But unfortunately can't show you those, until the people receive them!
So yes, I AM being productive - just not on the blog!
And yes... i keep staring at those two walls. They aren't getting painted by themselves. Bummer, huh? :P
But my frame of mind has not been in the tackle the humongous project mode - go figure!
And my brain keeps saying TICK TOCK.. almost Thanksgiving! Better hurry up!!
Wish I could sush that voice up!!
But I think that voice may be the ONLY reason I actually get it done!
And oh yes, you can guarantee IF and WHEN I get it done, I WILL be posting boring pictures of my walls! LOLOL Just for the accomplished/checked off my list mentality of show and tell!
Hope you have a wonderful day, and are getting finishes of your own done!
:D xo


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

I LOVE your red and white quilt!! I surely hope those reds don't mutate over to the white ~ good luck!!! oh, I love the rick rack, too!!!

Jacque. said...

LOVE the first one...and the red/white...spectacular work, Bren! I have had no problems with bleeding...and I have done a red/white doll quilt, plus others with bright bright colors and never a bleed. So, just throw your salt in. Great finishes!

Gayle said...

Great quilts Bren! There is a new product out called Dye Grabber that does a REALLY good job of absorbing any dye that might be released in the washing machine so it won't transfer to unwanted areas or fabrics. It comes in a box and looks a lot like a fabric softener sheet. You should see if you can find some, then you'll never have to worry about that problem again!

TamboinMO said...

Oh Bren, Those are sooooo beautiful! Go to the grocery and get some "Shout! Color Grabbers"...they work wonderfully! I've washed some of my hooked rugs that have reds/burgundies in them and they work like a charm!
Totally loving all these whimsical quilts you are creating!

whitey said...

Me to love the red one!

michelle allen said...

oh Brenis, your quilts are BEAUTIFUL!!! i especially love the one that caused you all the stress :)
yes, i wish we lived closer! we could get into all kinds of creative trouble. ha.