Monday, July 13, 2009

Sewy weekend

Been piddlefartin around with sewy stuff. Got my new top done yesterday, and basted... now just to quilt it! Yay! Check out this nifty little gadget!! Jacque gave it to me for my birthday!!! It's a bobbin winder! How COOL is that?! So you don't have to undo all your thread from your machine to wind a bobbin!!! Isn't it nifty?! I love love love it!! Thank you Jacq!!! :D Sewing mess... after the moms left the other day. We are having fun putting their quilts together!! My mom is doing an americana stars and stripes lap quilt. And my MIL is doing a "baby" quilt (although more geared toward little boy, than baby -smart move in my opinion) really cute fabrics - and they are looking sooo good!! Will take pics this Thursday when they come over! :)
Oh! And my MIL gave me a pack of new blades for my rotary cutter!!! WoooHOOO!!!!!! Those suckers are expensive and I never seem able to justify getting a new pack! LOL Mine still cuts... so I'm still good... right?? LOL Well... after using mine the other day, and it wasn't cutting so well.... without tons of pressure... lol... she comes the next day with these! :D Thanks Mom!!!! I can't believe the difference!! I should have caved and got some a lonnnnggg time ago!! hahaha!!
border strips... just waiting for the sashing...
Worked on mine after they left. Got the middle done!
And got it all put together!! AND got it basted last night! Yay! :)
Ran into a little issue though. And cant figure out what i did wrong?? See those ripples in the frabric, on this edge of the pic?? Everything has been pressed... and even during pressing those ripples were showing up :( I didn't have to ease the fabric in anywhere... so how does that happen?? I'm sure it's going to give me fits when quilting it!! A bit scared to start now! LOL This is a gift for a friend... and i don't want it to be all puckered and chunky in my sewing :( Anyone out there have any thoughts on this?
Funny, this is only 60x60... i didnt have that problem on the bigger ones! (thank God!! lol) But I dont want it to happen again... so gotta figure out what i did wrong!
Thanks for your suggestions on the chick flicks!! I haven't seen several of them! I haven't watched Marley & Me ... yet. Knowing it is going to be a major tear jerker, and having a bit of a headache already, just didn't want to go there the other night! LOL But Bailey said he'd watch it with me this week :)
Been hot hot hot here this last week. Dan and I have been riding the scooters alot. Doing a little geocaching and just enjoying our time with our kids!! Love summer!!! :)
Going to help my girlfriend paint her dining room today.
Hope you have a blessed day, filled with smiles!
xo Bren


WoolenSails said...

It looks like your stitches are too tight and gathered the material. That and are you using a regular foot? A Walking foot is supposed to solve that, but I seem to do better without mine. All said, once you quilt it and wash it, it will pucker up and you will never notice;)

I too am guilty of over using my cutters and put a new one and really wonder why I waited. Using a dull cutter is tough on the hands.


Joanne said...

A bobbin winder - who'd a thunk - I think i'm going to get my mother one for the next gift I need for her - she's a quilter and sewer and her sewing machine is practically velcro'd to her (didn't rub off on her daughter though!)

Marley and Me is a real tear jerker but again it's a reality of life in the movie - i thought they portrayed some of those scenes very realistly.

Can't wait to see the next "sewie"

Mary said...

Wow! Love your quilts...although I must admit, I do miss seeing pictures of your hooking! But I'll just sit back and be patient! I hope you post some pictures of your moms. Sounds like you guys are having fun!

Kim said...

Bren---this will happen if you cut the borders based on the pattern instead of measuring thru 3 parts of your quilt top, too. I measure each side and also down the middle of the top and then take the average of those three...regardless of the measurements the pattern gives. :o) It seems like when I try and take a shortcut and not measure the actual top in these 3 places, I get some ripples too. It looks great though! Love the fabrics! :o)

Lori said...

I measure down the center of my quilt top and go by that measurement for the borders. Ease them in a bit if you have to. Looks great tho. I agree with Debbie, after quilting and washing you won't see it anyway.

Lori R

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Love your quilts Bren. But now I know I need my eyes checked. I'm reading your post and thinking what does this have to do with a "sexy" weekend? Then I looked at it again, and it says sewy lol.
Great idea on the bobbin winder. NOthing more frustrating than to have to undo everything to load up a bobbin. Hope you had fun painting..

katie said...

Brenis, thank for the birthday wishes.
That quilt is going to lushious.