Friday, July 10, 2009

No pics today :( I guess ya'll weren't too enthused on the pluto thing, huh? lol That's ok. I won't do it anymore :D Been lots going on. But haven't felt like it's "blog worthy". Taking the kids to the pool, the library, youth group, etc. We just found out we'll be getting a new roof next week. Yay! We've had some serious big hail storms here this summer, and i guess they trashed the roof. So i guess i need to make plans to NOT be here when they're scraping and hammering - talk about edgy nerves! That scraping sound is like fingers on a chalkboard! I'm kind of excited... my mom and my mother in law have both taken an interest in learning to quilt!! Told them i would show them what i learned in the quilt along... since that's all i know so far! LOL They were both very excited... we went out and chose fabrics for each and they came over the next day, and got their fabric ironed and stripped, and some of them sewn together. That was their "homework" - getting them all sewn. I thought it would be a good pace for them to come over once a week... but they were both more interested in keeping going!! So they are coming over again this morning and we are going to work on them. They'll have their tops completed by today!! They're both making smaller quilts, MIL is doing a crib size, and my mom is doing a lap throw. I am working on a quilt i am giving at Christmas time - so I'm getting something done too!! Woohooo!! Very cool!! I'll take pictures today of their progress and post them. I'm excited for them!! I also signed up to do a zigzag quilt along. Fun fun!! But for some reason ... lol... i didn't realize this before... but apparently i am "anti-zigzag" !! Maybe something to do with the fact that it reminds me of the 70's motifs... something i really dont care for! LOLOL!! So... i am going to flip a few of the zigs and turn them into squares. Now squares... i LOVE!! <3 I think i am going to do a very simple one fabric.. and white... love that look. I might even pull out my hooking this weekend. I've tackled most of the laundry, and cleaned floors, and vacuumed, and got 2 bathrooms done, and all the clothes hung and put away, and feel like i'm making progress. Yay! Still alot more to be done.. always is... but not so stressed about it anymore. :) Well that's it for today. Boring. I know. lol such is my life! Hopefully have some pics and FUN stuff for ya next time! Blessings, Bren :)

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Gayle said...

Bren - That's great that your mom and mother-in-law want to learn quilting too! At this rate you'll be ready to tackle that Jan Patek Bible quilt one day soon! Good luck!

BTW - I recently started a blog of my own, if you'd care to visit!