Wednesday, July 1, 2009

just stuff

I went to joanns the other day, and found these. mmmmm yah. Guess I'm not past that fun funky pink and green thing yet! lol
The ones on the far right will be a quilt for a Christmas gift (the one i mentioned in the other post) the ones on the right i just loved, and know they will find their way into something! LOL
And these two goof balls... they are 2 loves of my life....
We were sitting out in the garage discussing what to pull out and put in the garage sale.. as so much stuff has stacked up.. and it's a mess! Well... they were just too cute, and i just happened to have my camera right there... so... got some great snapshots :)
Hear no evil, speak no evil???
I <3 them. :D


Mary said...

What sweet pictures! Hope you have a great yard sale. I think we'll be doing the same thing again this weekend.

WoolenSails said...

Great candid shots.
I need to hit Jo anns too, tomorrow is 10% off the order so good day to stock up on floss too.


JoJo said...

Great pictures, Bren. But when are we going to see a picture of YOU??

Brenis said...

Jojo, JUST FOR YOU i put a picture up in my profile! LOL I considered just sending it to you privately..'s that for being stupidly shy?? But I got over it and just posted it here! hee hee... happy now? :D xoxo