Friday, June 26, 2009

Hiya :) It's been a crazy week. Soo busy! But, I'm alive and well. I worked on my alter ego quilt yesterday and got it all quilted. Yay!! Will work on the binding today. So I should have pics of it by tomorrow all crinkled and ready to use! Wooohooo!!! I'm finding that i LOVE the quilting process!! Who woulda thunk? The part i was most "afraid" of! LOL Been working on getting my craft/wool room/studio in more of a semblance of order and organization. That in itself is a tall order! But it's coming along! Have a doctor's apt this morning and hopefully getting into see the chiropractor, as I'm all outa whack and my bones are screaming at me. :( Do you ever feel like you are chasing your tail? And doing it real fast? But getting no where? That's me these last couple weeks. Trying to slow down, and accomplish more, and trying to breath each day. Hate it when I get "in this place" !! But trying to focus more on God, and less on the hurry and scurry of the world. Hard to do sometimes! Hope you have a bright blessed day! xo Bren

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