Sunday, May 24, 2009

#200...such a charming give away!

200th post!! WOOHOO!!!
Give away WEEK!! :)
Welcome! I hope you stay and poke around a bit... this blog is mostly about my chaotic life, the funnies of kids, rug hooking, and just my dorky posts. LOL
I can't believe I've actually posted 200 times! Granted it's taken me two years! LOL
And to celebrate....
Today's give away ......
Either a "Hooker Charm" necklace..... Here's a few more in the works.... OR... if you "ain't no hooker"... you can send me a picture of your kids, or your pets... or?? and I will make you a charm personalized just for you!
Just leave me a comment in today's comment section... telling me something you are THANKFUL for! And ladies... get creative! LOL We are all soo very thankful for our kids... (most days anyway! lol)
so let's nix that one and dig a little! :)
A few little disclaimers... i am NOT a perfect soldering artist. I just really enjoy making these! Some look more handmade than others. LOL Hopefully you can deal with that :)
If you win, and you choose a personalized charm made for you, i will try like the dickens to get it made before leaving for Texas on the 31st. But if i don't manage to get it done in time, I will get it made as soon as I get back! Top of my priority list!
(that's what all these are for... busting my butt to get a bunch made to take to camp with me and put in the camp store.. hopefully offset my camp costs a little!)
K, that's it!
Time for some more FUNNER!!!! :)
Looking forward to hearing what you all are thankful for!
And... there's still time to enter yesterday's give away!!
This drawing will be held Tuesday evening when I get home from work... around 7ish MST.
Keep your eyes peeled for more goodies coming your way!
Bright blessings, Bren :)


Jacque. said...

Bren, honey. My first thought on what I am thankful for has to do with you. What a friend I have in you...God truly leads people, doesn't he? Without His guidance, you would always have thought I was a...well, you know. ha! Look at us now! Sistas!!!

Do not enter me into this giveaway, either. Just wanted to share with you what I am thankful for.

Patti said...

I am so thankful to live in a house with a little backyard where I can plant a little garden :) Living in the city it's definitely something to be thankful for! Especially after living in an apartment for ten years :)

Congratulations on your 200th post! I'm off to go meander through your blog!

Blessings, Patti

Miccosukee said...

What makes me the happiest is that this year, for the first time in more than 25 years, my parents had almost all of their 8 children at home at the same time.

Unfortunately, it took my BIL being releashed from the pain he had been under for 15 years so my one sister could travel. But we almost got all of us home.

This month my Mom turns 87 and my Dad turns that age in Oct., We still hope to get all 8 of us there before this year ends.

I have relearned the importance of family. Hope I never forget it.

lej619 said...

i was told i had cancer 3.5 years ago & have been given a clean bill of health. that i am here to enjoy my first grandson. Most important I am thankful for the people in all of the different services for keeping this land of ours Save and Free.

maggiesfarm said...

I'm thankful for chocolate.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for the beautiful wedding of my son yesterday!!
God bless,

Lauren said...

I'm thankful to still have my Mom around. She is 89 with dementia, but is still living on her own with help. Oh, it is so hard to see this once vibrant woman a shell of what she was ;-(
Congratulations on your 200th post!

Jasminmoon said...

Hey lej619, me too!!! I am 5 years Cancer free...that puts me into the 20% that survive Inflamatory Breast Cancer...yippee!!! So I am thankful to be alive, thankful to be able to extend a hand to others and help them up, thankful to celebrate my son's birthday tomorrow, to get up and go to work, to plant flowers and watch them grow, to create and hook a rug, hug my friends...the list could go on and on...*smile*

Happy 200th post!

Love and light,

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for everyday that I wake up, I learn something new every day even when it is something I don't want to learn. It changes me and that is good.

Congratulations on your 200th post.

Brenis said...

Oh my gosh, I am getting all weepy!! These are such HUGE PRAISE GOD's!!! Congratulations both of you, mindy and lori! You sure don't take each day for granted when you've been through something so scary, and God pulls you through!!
AMEN paula and lauren!!! Great reasons to be thankful!
Helen, congratulations on your son's wedding, and being able to be there!!
Trisha, that is soo awesome!!
Patti - isn't it delightful to have the blessing of having your own yard?! I too don't take that for granted and am soo thankful to be able to plant my own veggies each year! LOL The little things in life sure can make us happy!! :P

Jacque, you're gonna make me cry!!
And Merrie, you just crack me up woman!! I am thankful for having met you and having you in my life!!
God Bless each one of you!! :D Thank you soo much for participating, I hope you win!! And thank you soo much for sharing each of these things with me and everyone else here!!
xoxoxoxo Bren :)

Sheri said...

Hi Bren, First of all I'm thankful, like you that our hooking sisters are cancer survivors.
Oh, and also that I survived my darned garage sale! I slept for two days afterwards. That's the fun of fibromyalgia, I guess. Work when you feel good, work too much. Then pay for it later. But hey, I'm thankful to be alive too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bren,

Well, I have to say that I'm most thankful for at this point in my life to be able to share another day with my husband and three sons.

Almost a year ago I was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. I was very lucky that they caught it in time and the operation was a success. I've made a full recovery and look at life alot different these days.

I've learned that life is too short and try not to worry so much about silly little things and just enjoy everyday as it comes.


Lori said...

Congrats on your 200th post Bren!

I'm thankful for so many things. The blessings of a new day and that I'm here to enjoy it. Lately I've been taking time to just sit and enjoy the still, quiet moments and listen to the birds or watch the chippies frolic. Sometimes I forget to stop and pay attention to the beauty around me that God has created.

Lori R

QuiltingFitzy said...

I am thankful for a husband who loves me unconditionally and a daughter who will deploy to Iraq in a few days..*sigh*

Love your blog, thanks for a chance to win!


I'm thankful my parents (Who are in their 80's) are still with us and are able to live on their own on the family farm. I'm also thankful my DH is able to take our little ones out to the flag pole and raise our flag showing we still live "in the land of the free". God Bless, Sher

Cheri said...

My dogs. They make me happier than anything I think and I am so thankful that I have them.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for our country and being able to take my 90 year old Mother to the parade today.

Rita Frantz

TamboinMO said...

Today I'm thankful that Kenny brought home soup bones for the dogs to keep them occupied during the storms that we've been having for the past 3 days....they are neurotic when it storms/rains.

Gayle said...

I'm really thankful for all my talents - they bring me such joy and pleasure - really make life worth living. I often wonder what non-creative people do with their time - I can't imagine it not having a project to work on at all times! Plus, I've met so many good friends because of the things I enjoy doing - a double blessing!

Joanne said...

Well this month I'm thankful that we are able to keep making ends meet even with me being unemployed and not being able to find a job right now! It'll happen when it happens! Also thankful for my online friends always being there to keep me motivated!

Enjoy camp Bren - sounds likes fun! joanne