Thursday, January 15, 2009

Uncle John's...

Do you ever have SO much going on in your life... your brain going in so many different directions at one time, that you just want to tune out?? Or run away. LOL Sadly you can't run away from your own thoughts! ha! That sounds like a basis for something Steven Wright would have said. Oh dear... Regardless... i'm there. And since if i started talking about all these things, it would make for very boring reading for all of you... i'm taking the running away approach! (not something i often do - unless it's that "thing i do" and decide i need to make a quilt! lol) Well Uncle John has given me just the inspiration I need. Trivial information. Fun facts. Things you never would have known. Do you know Uncle John? He's widely appreciated and held in high esteem in our house. :) Each year he gives us a new book packed to the hilt of useless information. And we love it! LOL So I thought it might be fun to share some of these things with you here and there. No pictures today. Just bubblegum for the mind! All factual and proven. **Have you ever been around someone who yawned... and you suddenly had to yawn too? It's common in humans (no one knows why), but scientists at Birkbeck College in England discovered that dogs can "catch" yawns from people, too. A 29 dog study found that after they made eye contact with a yawning person, 21 of the dogs yawned as well. *** ***There are more English-speaking people living in India than in the US, UK, and Canada combined. *** **Cognitive psychologist Daniel Oppenheimer of Princeton wrote a study arguing that short, simple words make writers seem more intelligent than long words do. The name of Oppenheimer's study: "Consequences of Erudite Vernacular Utilized Irrespective of Necessity." *** LOL ***Pig squeals have been recorded as loud as 130 decibels, only 10 decibels less than a supersonic jet taking off.*** ***Myth-conception: If you "sweat like a pig," you sweat profusely. The truth: If you sweat like a pic, you don't sweat at all, because pigs don't have sweat glands. They keep cool by staying in the shade or, occasionally, rolling in the mud.*** That's it for today! Tomorrow i will bring you PRO-NUN-CI-A-TION facts that may surprise you about common words! Have a blessed fact informed day! :)

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Miz T. said...

Too funny! Is that really someone's sit surrounded by dogs, try to make eye contact and yawn? Then watch if the dogs yawn too? The pay is probably $75. an hour (after all they're scientists!) Wow...I work way too hard at my job! That was great, and I'll check back for the pronunciations! Stay warm!